There are all kinds of hacks and homemade projects out there for turning your bike into a human powered generator, and a lot of projects and prototypes to bring cycle created power to impoverished parts of the world where power is scarce or nonexistent.  In that same vein Fenix International is developing the Velo Bicycle Charger to  work with their already available ReadySet  which can currently be charged by a solar panel or a power grid.  The ReadySet has two USB and two car lighter ports and Fenix claims it can charge up to 10 phones, power an LED light bulb for 30 hours, or keep an ipad playing video for 12 hours.  A cyclist should be able to fully charge the ReadySet in under an hour.   Now the eco-conscious cyclist can have a new motivation for driving those watts up.  The Velo Bicycle charger will be available to  U.S., Canadian, Ugandan and Rwandan markets, but no word on pricing yet.    Yes, the flimsy stand shown here might look a little scary to many of us, but it also looks like it’d be an easy hack to unbolt the dynamo and stick it on a trusty old trainer frame.  Just sayin’.


  1. Cool but not very cost efficient up north. 3/4 of the year the heat generated by a conventional trainer is useful for heating your apartment.

  2. @Nash

    Your gym must have Cat 1s because every gym I’ve been to, the power output of the people “training?” can be measured in yoctowatts.

  3. How about a seat post mounted rack to port the charger and a quick-release bike mounted roller/generator so the user can go out and ride for an hour, instead of sitting in one place?

  4. If the battery can be charged in less than an hour, what about additional battery capacity? Portability is some what nice, but I’d like something I can plug into my electrical panel to feel my house.

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