Some bad ideas like characters in a bad horror movie just refuse to die. Enter the Dpardo crank. The website is in chinese but the bad physics are universally understood. Trust me, I’m not an engineer (not even on the internet), and I can assure you these cranks will not increase your performance.

The “Sickle and Monster Disc” Cranks are only available online via Dpardo’s chinese website. Interested? They’re a steal at only 19,932 Yuan (~$200 USD) NTD (~$726 USD)! No word on weight but they’re “suitable for all types of vehicle (road bike, mountain bike, folding and other types of vehicle)” and available for isis bottom brackets.

Hop past the break for another diagram…

Via Dpardo




  1. you could twist that f**ker around in a spiral and the length of the lever will still be the distance between the points of attachment (pedal & bb)

  2. Um, no, the price is not in Yen. In one spot it is listed in Yuan, which can also be called RMB, or the chinese currency. However, the checkout price of $21,079 is in NTD, which is the Taiwanese dollar, or around $726 USD.

  3. Why stop there? Why not make the arms a couple of feet long, still terminating at 170mm? Then you’d really have a marketing gimmick ROTFLMAO

  4. I’m starting to think I want to build a bike of the absurd. These are the cranks. I’m putting them on a Slingshot frame. In the rear is a Tioga MTB disc. Pruple ano brake boosters. Mavic electronic shifting. Scott aero mountain bars. Girvin flex stem.

  5. @Paul absurd these cranks are but some of the other things you cite were, well, pioneering in the early to mid 90’s to get where things are today. Not a fair call. Now if you wanted to build a bike of all the retro fringe stuff that was, as I remember, totally mainstream, that would be interesting.

    Also Mavic electronic shifting…. absurd? Really? Seems they were well ahead of the game on this one and while everyone (including yours truly) said they were a bit mad, I guess they had the last laugh. Aren’t the electronic things from the big S and Campy the bee’s knees now?

    PS: The canti brake boosters did work. From 92-95 I ran the Odyssey ones (YES in ano purple aka 3D violet) and they improved the piss poor power of the canti’s substantially.

  6. @paul

    please make sure there is/are also.
    at least 4 chain rings at the crank
    smalest one about 50teeth (with the Z or this Dpardo-crank you will have enough power!!!)
    side mirrors
    bryne pedals (with clip mechanism at the shoes)
    some 7mm Allen screws (Campa did)
    double discbrake in front (mechanical would be nice)
    wooden rims at front wheel (yes rimSS… because there are twin-tires!)

  7. after you are done kicking yourself in the ass for the dumbest purchase of 2013… can now use this as a paperweight…..anyone that buys this should just go make an appt with their nearest Dr. and get their head examined (you could also offer this crap as barter/payment to the rich Dr….you just visited–instead of paying cash)…….

  8. You guys are totally missing the point of these. As load is applied the crank flexes and the arm gets longer- increasing leverage during the power phase and shortening over the top……..

    …….Oops they even screwed that up, the curve goes the wrong direction so they would get shorter. Oh well, I tried.

  9. Mate those crank arms with some of the oval, not-round, rotor, Bio-Pace chainrings that won’t die either.
    I guess that would make some sort of zombie crankset.

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