WickWërks Adds 24 x 38 Mountain Double Conversion Ring Set

Increasing their chain ring offerings even further, WickWërks newest option comes in the form of a 24×38 mountain double conversion kit. Build for a 104/64 BCD crankset, the rings will allow you to set up your bike as either 2×9 or 2×10 with the same rings. WickWërks claims this particular ring size is perfect for 29ers or those looking for a wide range of gears without massive efforts on the hills.

Get the specs after the break.

WickWërks Adds 24 x 38 Mountain Double Conversion Ring Set

Included are these nicely shaped spacers to use in place of the third chain ring – they not only allow for use of the same chainring bolts, but finish off the look of the crank nicely as well.

WickWërks Adds 24 x 38 Mountain Double Conversion Ring Set
You'll have the excuse the poor pictures - these happened to be at the end of a very long CX World's weekend for me that included either severe food poisoning or flu. Fun times.


BRIDGE Technology Chainring Set:
– 38/24T – 9 or 10 Speed
– CNC 7075-T6
– MIL Type 3 True Hard Anodized
– Weight 70 g (Ring Set)
– Includes finger adapters for 3x to 2x conversion

– BCD 104/64mm , 4-bolt *Standard* Fits most MTB Cranks.
– XTR-M 970 (Select option when ordering)


  1. No doubt this is a minor detail in the world of Cranks and Rings… But that’s exactly what I like about Bikerumor. Keep it coming.

  2. One of the issues is finding brand new 38/24T rings that are BCD 104/64mm, 4-bolt compatible. SRAM offers them but they have been back ordered for quite a while. Sometimes you get lucky with eBay. It will be nice to have another company offering this standard. Who can complain about having options?

  3. I have Wick rings on my CX bike. The ramps are REALLY agressive and make the front shift as fast as the rear. Theyre now my first choice ring for all my bikes

  4. I might be wrong, but don’t Blackspire and Middleburn both offer replacement chaingrings that do this?

    I just installed a 34T ring from Blackspire on my XT cranks, and I’m pretty sure I saw that they were offered in 36T and 38T.

    Instead of little spacers, I just installed a bashring. Am I missing something here?

  5. 24/36 and even 24/36/bash packages are pretty common but 38T rings are rare. Blackspire, Raceface and Sram seem to be the only sources other than WickWerks. Personally I prefer a bash ring over spacers since I spent most of the summer with chainring gouges in my calf before I tossed my big ring for a bash guard. I’m just worried about what these cost,

  6. These can be installed with a bashguard or without, just mount the included tabs in place where the guard would go and the big ring was on the triple. The 24/38 is a nice range and the BRIDGE technology ramps make the shift happen fast, very fast! They are a great value especially considering all the CNC machining time it takes to make them.

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