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This week’s photo is submitted by Anton from Mec’Azur. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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  1. Hi there

    it is a Shimano cassette removal tool which uses one of the chainstays as a counter force. I bought one of these ca. 1995 and took it travelling all over the world.



  2. Timbo – I still use mine for Shimano 8, 9 & 10 sepped cassettes. Brilliant pice of kit. Anyone have the other version with a length of chain on it for those cassettes with one or two screwed sprockets, then splined?

  3. Atganirider
    Now that my brain woke up, I remember that I have both versions. The other version has the curl that wraps around the chainstay and the attached whip captures the outer cog. I just haven’t had my hands on it for so long. Again, I think this was necessary for the Uniglide, but not the Hyperglide.

  4. Oh that’s nutz! Just last week I was thinking of sending you a photo of my HyperCracker!

    Now I just need to find it before I go to Nicaragua :-/

  5. As above, it’s a Pamir hypercracker. One of those saved me on a 2day Orienteering event when my chain got wedged behind the cassette and couldn’t be removed any other way.

  6. I would pay to see someone attempt to use one of those on a cervelo R series bike. I can’t imagine those spindly stays would stand up to that pressure.

    Tool is awesome for touring however.

  7. Anyone who answered a Pamir Engineering HyperCracker is correct.
    From Anton: This is a PAMIR ENGINEERING Hyper-Cracker

    its a very useful tool for touring and the like. line it up with the frame to remove your cassette with the chain acting as the chainwhip

    it also has 14/15 spoke nipple tools too!


  8. Thanks for posting this! I bought mine in the mid 1990s and still have it. Dug it out of the toolbox today so I didn’t have to bring a chainwhip home from the shop to switch out a cassette. Thing works awesome.

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