taylor simpson moniker deer antler handlebars mounted

From a design perspective, it’s impossible to overlook certain products. Especially when adding these particular products to your bike will make you more intimidating than anyone else on the street, and on top of that, strike absolute fear in the eyes of pedestrians.

The Moniker Cycle Horn is a handcrafted handlebar by Brooklyn designer Taylor Simpson that combines real deer antlers with recycled materials. Because each Moniker bar will vary in form, the only spec we know is that they’ll fit a standard 25.4mm stem clamp. Still in the design phase, there’s no pricing or availability listed, but we’ll keep you posted. Shots after the break…

taylor simpson moniker deer antler handlebars front black

moniker deer antler handlebars side view packaging

taylor simpson moniker deer antler handlebars in boxMore over at Taylor Simpson’s site.


  1. Only two comments:
    1) Better bit for April 1st
    2) If this is an actual product (and not satire), it is truly the worst cycling-related idea I’ve ever seen. Wow…

  2. Makes sense, as antler offers a serious weight/strength gain over CF, plus WAY more shift lever mounting options. May take more bar tape tho…

  3. Those are really pretty cool and look badass. However, l would never ride a bike with those. In the event of crashing or getting hit by a car the last thing l need is getting impaled or ripped to shreds. I dont want to hear an emt saying “We have a Bleeder!” and pointing to my **** impaled on one of the tips, like a giant kielbasa at a campfire roast. But hey, they look really cool.

  4. All you internet debbie downers: do you really think the impracticalities of this freggin’ awesome idea were overlooked by the designers? Of COURSE it’s unsafe and silly. Can’t tell if I’m being trolled or people genuinely think this is supposed to replace FSA drop bars…

  5. Snarky Bike Snob post in 3,2,1 …
    Seriously this looks like something only a hipster fakerjack could think up, while sharpening his Bestmadeco hipster axe and perusing the Budnitz website.

  6. 25.4–that still around, jeez I thought I was retro for having some 26.0 h-bars…they heard of 31.8 over there in Williamsburg?! Hope the moose bars come in 31.8 at least…moose bars sounds familiar.

  7. these bars are clearly ridiculous, and dangerous. however they do look as though they could offer different, and potentially comfortable, hand positions. I think an aluminum redisign with ergonomics and brake levers taken into account may yield a product worth trying.

  8. Please tell me April fools is a couple months early this year. No one would actually be stupid enough to buy or sell this would they? Really?

  9. On the contrary, maybe there are just too many aging, fat grouches like yourself with nothing better to do than moan and complain about every post. San Francisco hippie jokes? What is this, 1968?

    Keep it up BR! I love looking at this stuff.

  10. These are badass! But I would never ride with them. These have to be purely for showing off and for aesthetics purposes.

    Design wise…awesome!

  11. @Andy: It it genuinely sad to hear that you love looking at this stuff. It is like an aged San Francisco hipping in 2013. Just sad.

  12. Yeah, I think antler handlebars are just an accident waiting to happen. I’m clumsy enough, so I don’t need any sharp objects waiting to pierce by body when I fall…

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