Cyclismas prototype SRAM Red electronic shifter spoof

Thanks to reader Luis we found this “prototype” electronic SRAM Red shifter mockup over at Cyclismas.

Using a novel approach, the system fully integrates the user by placing a push button on the thumb that, when pressed against the inside of the hoods, sends a shock through the index finger, forcing a spasm that presses the shift lever. Dubbed The Shocka, it’s in very early testing. Head on over to Cyclisma for the full scoop, it’s very much worth a quick read.

Cyclismas prototype SRAM Red electronic shifter spoof

All photos from Cyclisma.


  1. Yeah my bad, I posted too soon before reading the text (had already seen the original story a while back)… It wouldn’t be the first time a news outlet cites cyclismas to bring shocking news though.

  2. SRAM uel? really.. and Ohm, a measure of electricty? Is it April 1st already? Is there a second set of wires leading to the riders saddle to enforce proper out of the saddle climbing technique?

  3. I came on a mission: to find readers with a sense of humor. Sadly, I soon went back to base empty handed.

    Tyler, I thought the “shocker” was a thumb on the nub, the fore and index fingers in the ______ and the pinkie in the ________. Have I been mistaken all these years?

  4. If you look at the picture the person is actually genius. He has managed to figure out a way to circumvent mild middle finger paralysis. This is in fact a tool to help him with a hand disability to be able to use SRAM shifters.

    Although it is a spoof in the way it was written, someone should give the actual inventor a medal. The first reduced range of motion/disability STI workaround…

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