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Hope is at it again, introducing several new products at Core Bike this year. Many of which, for the first time, won’t be produced at their factory in Britain. Gasp. Still interested in the goodies?

The big new product announced was a set of handlebars, all 800mm wide, in three different rises. The killer whale inspired bars have a  5° up and 7° backsweep. The cross hatches and stripes offer a quick and easy method of ensuring your cockpit is precisely set up. Bike fit nerds rejoice!

Wait, wait, there’s more. Hop past the break to see it all.

These new Hope grips, which are 30mm wide, will be available in either black or white and are the perfect gift your brit loving riding buddy.

We are big fans of Hope’s beautifully machined aluminum BBs and now they’ve introduced a solution for PF owners. Their “Press Fit 41 BB” works with any standard 24mm crank and we want one bad.

The company will also be offering 650B wheels and a Stans Arch EX option. No word on availability, but we’ll keep you updated as the news trickles in.

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  1. Updated. Thanks for keeping me honest.

    @Eric: Yes, the handlebars are 800mm wide, so you have plenty of room to cut them down to your prefered width.

  2. I love Hope stuff but I’m disappointed with the aesthetics of those handlebars. I was Hoping (ho ho ho…) for a nice shiny black finish with a discrete logo(s)…

  3. 800mm trim to desired width? What do I do with the 300mm I cut off? (Old bloke, old skool)
    Their b bkts are superb – full cross season (very wet & muddy in the NW of England) and they are sweet as can be. The Gxp they replaced would last 3 to 4 races

  4. Hope handlebars are the Heavy Duty downhill version hence the moto style graphics, guess you’ll have to wait for the trail version!

  5. if you cut an 800 mm handlebar down to 500 mm, you can use the scrap pieces to make bar ends. A little epoxy will stick them on to your newly cut-down bars. If you only cut 300 mm off of one side, then you can use that scrap piece to ward off rabid dogs.

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