Not too long ago, Industry Nine announced that they had partnered with Reynolds to produce a carbon rimmed version of their wheels. In fact, we have a pair that will be part of an initial review coming very soon. Like the alloy trail wheels that they just released, the carbon wheels receive a new naming structure and custom Industry Nine graphics.

The tubeless carbon rims still bear the Reynolds logo, but with a sleek new look that will match the rest of the line up.  Industry Nine will offer 3 models of carbon wheels, the Trail 24, Trail 32, and Enduro 32 with 26, 27.5, and 29″ wheel options.

More details after the break.

Carbon 29ers with the original Reynolds logos


The Trail Carbon 24 will be offered in 29″ and 27.5″ sizes with 24 spokes – hence the 24 designation. There will also be a 32 spoke version of the Trail Carbon, again in 29 and 27.5″ options. Lastly, it seems the only 26″ option will be the Enduro Carbon 32 – a 32 spoke enduro wheelset. All wheels are tubeless compatible and will include the Reynolds tubeless tape and valve stems already installed on the wheels.

  • Trail 24 Carbon 27.5″ – 1460g, $2500 MSRP
  • Trail 24 Carbon 29″ – 1510g, $2500 MSRP
  • Trail 32 Carbon 27.5″ – 1530g, $2500 MSRP
  • Trail 32 Carbon 29″ – 1600g, $2500 MSRP
  • Enduro 32 Carbon 26″ – 1590g, $2400 MSRP






  1. How about some Stan’s notubes ZTR Race gold or Podium wheels? Under $1000 and less than 1400 grams for the entire wheel set, and tubeless… Not carboner though.

  2. Those Stan’s rims are great for scales, but bad at everything else. Especially the being ridden part.
    If those have the same specs as the current Reynolds rims, the internal width is 21mm.
    They appear to be stickers, which means that you can remove them. Toolbox.

  3. Overall weight for 29er wheels looks amazing, but hopefully they have a wide inner-rim width. If they are more than 23mm, might be the best wheels available now.

  4. A healthy dose of Goo Gone will take those tacky-arse stickers right off 🙂

    And +1 on Stan’s… my Crest’s have been amazingly durable and $2k for 100 grams just seems silly now. Carbon MTB wheels still have a long way to go before they make any rational sense for anyone but sponsored racers and the LOOK-AT-ME 1%.

  5. @g- You don’t need a high-res photo to see the sticker edge around the logo. Just some effort. I know it’s a lot to ask of a Bike Rumor commenter before they plow into another inane, irrelevant comment.

  6. Awesome wheels. reynolds carbon hoop, thicker, stronger spokes, and lighter hubs equals a winning wheelset. stickers are removable from what I heard. I am buying a set very soon if i can get my custom colors. My enduros are still in perfect shape, so i know these wheels are top notch.

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