We’ve seen the market for kids bike’s explode in recent years, with great road offerings from Culprit and offroad options from Lil’ Shredder. Yet, that’s not enough for some dads. Enter Tramontane Cycle’s carbon mini bike. The little rig is modeled after Dad’s Frenzie MK3, but built for his three year old son.

It’s currently set up as a single speed, but will eventually use the same “DISA” (Derailleur Inside Swing Arm) system found in the full size model, sans one cog, for five speeds. The system will allow you to use any 6 bolt disc 20mm front wheel as a rear wheel, change gears while coasting, and utilizes any shifter. 

The company is currently determining interest for both the 16″ and 20″ versions (**cough, convertible dropouts please, cough**), but expect retail to be around $3,000 AUD. Contact  sales@tramontanecycles.com if  interested. You have plenty of time to save up before Christmas rolls around again.

Via Tramontane


  1. “kids bike’s”

    Really? Really??

    I’m just going to assume the author was heavy-handed on the keyboard, thus rattling the apostrophes loose, sending them bouncing along. Yeah, that’s what happened, right?

  2. Kid 1: “I have back pedal brakes… What kind of brakes do you have?”
    Kid 2: “O, just Avid elixir CR brakes, but they’re getting a bit old… My dad is installing new the XTR’s this weekend.”
    Kid 1: “Ok, I think I’ll go play with the other kids…”

  3. @ Jack. The kids dad makes bikes! What little boy wouldn’t live to spend time at his dads workshop tinkering beside him making bikes? If anything that’s one better, not worse. 😉

  4. Bikerumor.com – home of some of the whiniest commentors on the internet.

    It is a kids bike. It is fun and silly. Relax.

    It’s a blog, not a magazine. You’ll be okay if grammar slips on a word. Relax.

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