We were told that these were being officially released at OR, but if you scour the interwebs they’ve been popping up all over – however, they are GU’s newest flavor of Chomp. Made with the same near-candy deliciousness, GU’s latest flavor of chomp won’t leave you puckered up, but it will deliver needed electrolytes, vitamins C & E, and GU’s unique blend of Amino Acids.

When warm, the lemon drops taste almost like the center of the original LemonHeads. As the Chomps chill down however, they take on the consistency and flavor of the yellow fruit snacks you used to get as a kid – or maybe still do… cold, they remind me most of the lemon sharks I used to get in elementary school. Mmmm, shark.

Anyways, pick up a bag or two to keep you going and give your next ride a little burst of summer.

What do you think?