• Eric Carter and PCA will kick off the Southern California Enduro Series in February and will span four events through June, 2013. Races will run at Glen Halen, Two Trees (shown in video) and Black Mountain. Check out the deets at RacePCA.com.
  • Registration is open for the March 3rd Killer 3 Mountain Bike Race in Sumter, SC. This race is the kickoff for the Maxxis Southern Classic Mountain Bike Race Series and is the first of 3 races that will constitute the SC State Mountain Bike Championships.
  • Supplemental Bicycle Accident Insurance is now available for cyclists in the event of critical injury or death. See here for more information.
  • Chrome has announced their Streets Of Chrome photography contest “to find the world’s next great street photographer.”
  • The September 27-29 SoNew Cyclone event is seeking sponsorship. Video of the 90 mile Newport, RI, to Mystic, CT, route here.
  • After having his bike stolen and spending too much time checking various websites to see if the thief was trying to sell it online, UK-based John Moss developed two websites to make it easer for everyone else to find their stolen bikes: Stolen Bikes In The UK – to register your stolen bike, and Find That Bike – an aggregator that lists all the bikes currently for sale on Ebay and Gumtree.


  1. For anyone interested in the “bicycle accident insurance” please also check out the the “accident insurance” offered as a benefit to members of USA Cycling. It’s offered by Adventure Advocates.
    It covers ANY kind of accident not just bicycle related, and if I remember correctly, is similar in rates. It also can be combined with your regular insurance as a supplement.

    I don’t work for USA Cycling, but when I didn’t have health insurance I used that option and it really worked great. Very easy to set-up, etc.

  2. I hope the Southern California Enduro Series is a hit. We need more localized(?) events like this to keep people interested in riding and competing.

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