Chris Hoy alloy road bike sneak peek

Mutiple-time Olympic Gold Medalist Sir Chris Hoy’s bike range was announced in November, and they’ve recently released a few details on the range.

Produced in partnership with Evans Cycles, they’ll launch this spring with four city bikes and three road bikes, including the alloy looker shown here. With most brands putting their attention on carbon, it’s refreshing to see alloy getting some modern touches. Cannondale and Specialized have done it to great success, and Hoy’s is looking pretty darn good, too…

Chris Hoy alloy road bike sneak peek

Smooth lines, a (likely) tapered headtube and glossy highlights over a matte frame give the bike a decidedly upscale look. Seatstays are curved, likely to provide a bit of comfort for the butt and the eyes. External cable routing keeps things simple.

Chris Hoy alloy road bike sneak peek

Perhaps the best part is the way the seatstays wrap around the seat tube. Definitely a unique look, and could possibly transfer more of the road buzz into the top tube and away from the seatpost and, thus, you. Details are being kept secret until they officially launch…even the website is just a blank welcome page for now.


  1. Aluminum has gotten pushed to the back burner for marketing and mass production reasons only. Gaulzetti is proving that aluminum is worthy. And hell, even my Salsa Chili Con Crosso aluminum frame rides better than most carbon frames…yet a fraction of the price.

  2. @Sevo totally agree. As a fond lover of my CAAD10, I’m stoked to see more and more companies big and small push aluminum forward as a viable and even competitive option. I wish there were a catchy saying like “steel is real” for it, but I don’t think anything rhymes with aluminum….

  3. I own a gaulzetti aluminum (the corsa) and it’s a ridiculously fantastic bike. i have a line for al bikes:

    Aluminum is Alive

    because it is. it’s also back on the collective minds of many folks out there. the CAAD 10 is also a damn good machine. obviously manufacturers wanna push the toray-made rigs, but my ‘zetti is not a B-level bike. it is a serious machine.

    it’s alive and out of the hat, folks. this genie won’t be put back anytime soon.


  4. i think we should take this opportunity to have bikerumor start a contest regarding aluminum bikes cheesy and not so cheesy lines.

    i like

    Alu is for you
    Aluminum is alive
    El 13 is serene
    Tin is in

    let’s keep it coming.

  5. I like the direction of the color scheme, and I echo the comments about wanting more quality aluminum bikes to compete with the likes of the CAAD10. Too bad I don’t think they’ll show up in the US.

  6. Steel is real, but Ti is no lie.

    I stand relieved that these Hoy bikes aren’t modeled after those horrendous beasts ridden by the GB Olympic road race team.

  7. Maybe I’m missing something but shouldn’t a Hoy bike line include maybe one track bike?

    (“Try 7075-T6; you’ll sh!t bricks!”)

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