While the shapes of Limar’s various helmets are mostly staying the same, Limar has instead focused their attention on improving their retention systems looking to provide a new level of comfort throughout the line up. In total there are three new fit systems, Ultrafit+, Competition+, and Comfort+ allowing for horizontal, and now vertical adjustment. Horizontally, the adjustments are made with a familiar dial with micro adjust clicks. The new vertical adjustments offer 4 different positions to fit different head/neck shapes and allows for easy pony tail placement if you’re into that sort of thing.

More on the different systems after the break.

Thanks to the different tiers of adjustment systems, all of Limar’s helmets with the exception of the 515, 242, and 121, will receive the ergonomic tweaks. This of course includes Limar’s Ultralight,  what they’re still calling the lightest helmet in the world.

The Ultrafit+ (top two), is a minimalist system designed to be extremely comfortable and still feather light. The horizontal adjustment offers up to 4cm of adjustment with 4 different positions vertically. The Ultrafit+ is found on the Ultralight+, Ultralight+MTB, and Velov.

Competition+ is a stepped down version of the Ultrfit+ that results in an easily adjustable, light system found on the 777, 650, Speed Demon, 885, 875, and 757.

Finally, Comfort+is found on the X-MTB, 675, and 535 and still offers a comfortable fit with 4 different height positions.


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