Bikesmart Tangent SL carbon fiber quick release minimalist bicycle fender

The new Bikesmart Tangent SL carbon fiber fender is minimalism at its best.

Using a single-sided pole that mounts to your wheel’s quick release, it’s easily positioned to the area you really need it and nothing more. The unit is carbon fiber and ABS and weighs just 75 grams. It’ll work on the front and rear wheels and is sized for 700c tires up to 25mm wide.

Video showing spray patterns with and without the Tangent SL installed after the break…

To really see the water flying, adjust the video settings to 720p or 1080p, otherwise it’s a bit fuzzy.


  1. @Clayton,

    While water does make it through, it appears to keep the majority of the water away, and in particular prevents anything from hitting the saddle or higher, which should keep you from getting a stain trail up your back. And that’s exactly the point…don’t end up with soggy shorts, do it with <100g of weight, and be able to easily put it on or off the bike. I'd say they hit their mark pretty well.

  2. The fender relies on centripedal force ( – water will come off the tire at a 90 degree angle, based on the spin. So the fender covers the area of the tire that would throw water on the rider. The rest won’t be as much volume, and get caught on the frame.

    But I would like to see a longer fender in the back — it’s too short for wet weather and group riding. Unless you can attach something to extend it…

  3. I watched in hi-res and I’m looking at the seat post. In both videos, you can see that a fine mist is hitting it. It’s that mist, not a half dozen big droplets that go straight up (while you ride out from under them, unless you’re riding a turbo in the rain), that gets you wet. Now, maybe this obviously overpriced (carbon? lightweight? for in the rain?) attempt to ignore what works for fenders (but why?!?) actually does something, but this video shows nothing.

  4. @ Clayton
    Your exactly right. I have had first hand experience with this fender and it preforms very well. Perfect for soggy rides or races. This fender will really shine for those who are looking for a light weight fender solution. I found that because it mounts directly to the QR it was solid as a rock doesn’t rub at all.
    @ Waterglass
    For a simulation I think they hit the point spot on. If its raining out that “mist” is going to be around anyways. The key parts of the rider are still protected.

  5. I see the yellow warning sticker on the frame of a nice bike with nice wheels and a $400 seatpost kinda odd. But that’s just me.
    I like the single stiff strut idea. Need it on a longer fender. And it’s not just your a** and back that gets wet, it’s the back of your legs, mostly from spray that gets past the caliper.
    What do they have in store for the front?

  6. That is the best small fender i have ever seen. There is a reason most companies don’t make fenders. It is because they look terrible on a road bike. I think this fender is a nice idea. Its small, looks very good and keeps a majority of the water off your back. Nice job guys. Are you working on one for the front? If so i would love a pair

  7. I don’t ride in the rain, but I often ride when the road is still damp, and it only takes one puddle to make you look like you sh!t your shorts. I would definitely buy this for those rides.

  8. I liked the minimalist design and agree with it. Carbon bling is nice too, but in general “race” fenders such as this and the Crud Roadracer need more adjustable leeway imo. Not every 25mm tire is mounted sized as advertised. I really would give the Tangent SL time of day if it had this adjustment.

  9. I think this fender is successful in what its intent is. Clearly, it is not intended for those who want full coverage- that’s not the point (so why are you complaining?). The point is to provide some coverage while being minimal- I see that being achieved.

    Attaching to the QR is a clean and sturdy way to do it too. I like my PB race blades, but the rubber straps are not as solidly mounted or clean looking as a QR mount.

    That said, I’m going to stick with the additional coverage I get from my PB race blades + mud flaps.

  10. I bought one.. Stoked!! I was a bit skeptical at first but as soon as I had it out in the rain on a group ride I realized it’s the real deal. Light, functional, and innovative. I’ll be ordering another for the front for sure.

  11. This is dumb. Complaining about the backsplash off a street post-rain? Please, HTFU and get dirty. Or just ride your shitty bike when its shitty and your nice bike when its nice.

  12. The reason why it does not work in the video is because its FITTED THE WRONG WAY. The bracket and strut should be on the chain side. The fender board has a profile on the inside braking the water spray coming of the tyre and deflecting it to the side. As fitted on the video, it more or less accelarates the water spray. Fitted correctly it works perfect. Your bike gets dirty but the saddle and behind stay dry. Looks cool too.

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