All photos courtesy of Debbie Baker

Cyclocross Worlds are just over a week away, and things are starting to shape up at the race venue, Eva Bandman Park in Louisville, KY. Seeing as how the park is right on the Ohio river, all of the rain and snow melt we had led to some flooding around the park. Then it was in the single digits and everything froze. Have no fear though, as warmer weather is upon us and crews are working diligently to get the course ready for the world stage. Water is being pumped from puddles, sand has been trucked in, and a fairly large tent city has been erected.

More pictures after the break.

Sand. There will be sand, and there is a very good chance there will be mud.

A fairly large tent city has been set up for the venue, with one mega tent probably for the center of operations.

Without giving away the course, this shows a lot of barrier fences being put up to mark the course. It should be a great venue in terms of being spectator friendly. Judging by the amount of Porta-Johns they’ve brought in, they expect quite a crowd so you might want to find your spot early.

We can’t wait, see you in Louisville!


  1. That doesn’t sound right. Aren’t you supposed to be pumping water into the puddles, and hoping for cold, wet and snow for CX?

  2. Actually, it’s against UCI and USAC rules to add water onto a course. Kinda weird, since cross is all about artificial barriers and trucked-in sandpits, but them’s the rules.

  3. USGP in Louisville, has added water to courses in the middle of the night.
    I know local promoters have been known to do this as well, to make things interesting.

    It’s not interesting. It’s lame.

    This course sits so close to the water and that low area is sort of a run off into the river, that might have gotten stalled from the cold weather.
    They’ll get it right – don’t you worry bike racers and fans.

    • Just to be clear, any water currently in the park is due to the Ohio river being very high this past week. No one has added water, and it is starting to recede. It should be perfect conditions come race day.

  4. Are there any updates and previews of the Masters World Course?? THe info seems to be limited. I know its in a different venue as well on an old golf course. Some pics of it or a course preview vid would be great if someone has it. 🙂

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