Often times in the US, we can take bicycles and transportation for that matter, for granted. To much of the non-riding population, the thought of commuting on a bicycle is completely foreign, sometimes even looked upon with disdain. However, to the less fortunate in remote parts of the world a bicycle can completely change someone’s life.

Transportation. Access to doctors, schools, and clean water. The freedom that we all know and love that stems from two wheels takes on a whole new meaning in places like sub-Saharan Africa. Which is why Specialized is launching the Source 2 for 1 campaign – for every Source Two LTD purchased, Specialized with Gates and SRAM’s partnership will donate a Buffalo bicycle to healthcare workers through World Bicycle relief.

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Specialized certainly isn’t the first company to create such a program, as Kona has been running their AfricaBike program since 2006 and doing a ton of good in the process. What’s important, is that Specialized is stepping up to the plate to be yet another company doing good and giving back through the bikes we love. While the Source Two LTD is certainly a thing of beauty, when it comes to the rigors of riding heavy cargo over rough terrain and surviving in an under-developed nation a particularly durable bike is needed – hence the Buffalo bike. Not only is the bike designed to take quite a beating, it also is built from readily available parts should it need repairs down the line.


The Source Two LTD is sharp bike that features a Gates CDX CenterTrack belt drive system with a SRAM 2 piece crank mated to a SRAM 2 speed Automatix hub that changes gears once you reach a certain speed. No shifting, no kick back. Braking duties are taken care of with SRAM’s Via GT hydraulic brakes, part of their new urban and trekking line. As it is a commuting/city bike, the Source Two LTD is equipped with some very clean fenders, with the rear doubling as a minimalistic rack. Top it off with a built in belt guard, and limited World Bicycle Relief Source 2 for 1 graphics and you have an awesome bike that will make you feel as good buying it, as you will riding it.


  1. Lets take your people, your oil, your gemstones, forests, your land, your animals, your freedom , your health and wellbeing. Heres a freaking bike in return! Love, the USA.

  2. @The Real Dude

    Really! Is it too much to just accept something at face value? People always want to read into things and just look for something to hate.

  3. Just checked this out in my local shop. Really liking it overall and the concept behind it is great. Seems real solid and well designed. I only wish the graphics wouldve been toned down. It should come with a brochure not try to be one

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