North Shore Billet single chainring for SRAM cranksets and standard spider for XX1 chainrings prototype

North Shore Billet has just launched a range of CNC’d alloy singlespeed chainrings for SRAM cranksets, giving riders more options for creating their own 1×10 drivetrains.

They’ll initially be available for GXP cranksets (carbon and alloy), with BB30 versions coming shortly thereafter. Tooth counts will range from 27 to 36, with all except a 35T filling that space. The tooth profiles are slightly thicker (7%, to be exact) than their standard chainrings to help keep the chain in place. The one-piece design replaces the spider and double chainrings, saving a bit more weight than just removing one ring. It also puts the ring in a central position for a better overall chainline.

First versions should ship next week, available for order now through their website. Retail is $60 each.

They’re also working on a spider to fit standard SRAM cranksets that’ll match up with XX1’s 76mm BCD chainrings, letting you add in XX1 parts without giving up a perfectly good set of cranks. Brilliant!


  1. Excellent idea. SRAM claim that the shape of the teeth on XX1 chainrings is essential for chain retention. Are they able to match it on these new rings?

  2. If you read, it says the one piece ring is for 10speed (and obviously 9/8/7 etc) but they are making a seperate spider for the SRAM xx1 rings, so you will still use the SRAM rings with the NSB spider. Good idea, but the XX1 cranks aren’t too expensive as far as high end cranks go, $285 or so for a gxp version. The chainrings seperately are $90-130. If the spider comes in around $50, then it would be worthwhile.

  3. its so sad how HBC grew so quickly and then just could not keep up with the practice of good business. there really is money to be made in that market. good to see people start filling the gap! waiting for some middleburn replacement rings!

  4. Are the alternating tooth profiles on the XX1 patented? I may have missed it, but if they are not. what is stopping them from following the design…or better yet a 1×10 specific version 104BCD / 32t ring.

  5. A spider for XX1 rings is all I need. Love everything XX1 except the ridiculous cassette. If you cannot push an 11-36, ride a double. I’ll run my XTR/Saint set-up with an XX1 ring. Or I will at least try.

  6. Looks nice.

    Sram will be releasing the XX1 Spider on its own so no point in NSB doing it, i hope they find that out before dropping to much time into one!

    This from SRAM: CWSP005 – Truvativ Spider with Chainring Bolts SBC XX1 76mm BCD 11spd – (11.6118.004.000) £57.99 RRP

    I cant see them matching £57.99 with bolts….

    Another option here for Srammers: this one with a bashguard….

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