Above is a clip from Miguel Indurain’s visit with the racers in the Unstoppables documentary. The folks at Black Train Films sent this press release:

The protagonists of the “Unstoppables” films recently had a very special visitor: Miguel Indurain, five-times winner of the Tour de France. They spent the day filming him and put a video together, which you can find at the top of their homepage: www.unstoppablesdocumentary.com (and above).

Indurain rarely agrees to appear on TV so this is a very rare insight into the life of one of the best (if not the best) cyclists in history. He made the video to support this film and their crowdfunding campaign. Worth checking it out.

These guys really need help to finish their film and they have created a kickstarter page. All donations will be used for post-production (music, editing, delivery). Please do donate or pass this link to friends. It’s a great project.


  1. I agree that he is lucky to still have his yellow jerseys. I find it hard to believe he won on bread and water, as they say. I like Indurain, seems like a nice guy, but there is a big double standard when people say that guys like Armstrong should be banned forever and Indurain is a hero because he never got caught (which is pretty much the same excuse Armstrong used all these years.) Sure, there are differences, but they are still both cheats, and people who want to apply one standard to a person but a different standard to another are hypocrites.

    I think what this video and the whole Armstrong issue is really demonstrating is life isn’t as black and white as some want to pretend it is, and society plays a huge role in creating people who are willing to cheat and hurt others. Luckily Indurain seems like he escaped having as bad of a mental space now that he is done riding, and unlike many other people I hope Armstrong manages to do the same, but also that he fully accepts the consequences of what he has done, and everyone needs to examine the pedestal we put athletes on and realized celebrities make horrible role models because we are creating human idols.

  2. No one cared when Indurain won five in a row- but when Lance kept winning then the crap hits the fan all of cycling is in an uproar and drug testing goes through the roof. All of a sudden the cycling world cared- there is no way Indurain posts 5 in a row in an era marred by doping that goes back farther then he did.

    Not angry Lance got caught- but if you are going to clean house be thorough.

  3. Big Mig never struck me as a scorched-earth, high-n-mighty, contemptible, douche-bag par excellence, which certainly works in his favor.

  4. The problem is that being a douche isn’t against the rules, but doping is. So if people get caught doping then they should in theory get the same punishment. Now Lance clearly did things to make other riders feel like they had to dope, but in reality the whole culture of pro cycling was doing that as well.

    While Lance isn’t the best person in the world, he made a good point about Christian Vande Velde in the Oprah interview. If Lance was the one forcing everyone to dope, why did they keep doping when they weren’t on his team anymore. The answer is that there was a huge doping culture beyond Lance, so people that are trying to act like he was some kind of doping kingpin are being a bit ridiculous considering he was no different than other riders and managers, aside from the fact that he was a bigger jerk.

    People like to point at how Lance destroyed people, and he did, but the same argument can be made about other dopers, but they merely helped destroy the image of cycling and the careers of the few clean riders that were out there. Guys like Indurain weren’t much better. They still did damage, but just in a different way, and they were never confronted about doping to the degree that Lance was, so who knows how they would’ve reacted if they felt their titles and huge sums of money were directly being threatened.

  5. Seems to me like Lance was an a**hole, and that is what eventually caught up to him. His ex-teammates ended up hating him (because he is an a**hole), so they were more than happy to rat him out. Miguel Indurain is beloved by his ex-teammates and the world of cycling in general. Is it not fair? Probably no, but it is how human beings work. As astute with other things as Lance is, he is not very astute when it comes to human relations.

  6. Well guys, this is not about Lance, it’s about Miguel Indurain, and handicapped cyclists.
    He makes me proud to be a Spaniard.
    By your logic, every big name is cycling cheated in one way or another. Are we going to say that Mercx also cheated but was never caught?, give me a break!
    Unlike the one-nut Texas king of douch-bagery, Indurain is a class act.

  7. The lesson people, is don”t be an A””hole.

    And a point of difference is Lance tested positive for cortisone and was allowed a free pass from the UCI. The money trail will be found and it will confirm the accusations of corruption. Lance’s cheating was on a whole other level….. and he was/is an A””hole.

  8. If I am not mistaken Merckx was caught multiple times for using amphetamines, so yes, I think we can say he doped as well.

    But I will agree that it is a lesson in not being a jerk to everyone, but also that rules and outrage are applied differently, for better or worse.

    That said, the video was cool and I’m sure it will motivate me to go for a ride and not even complain if the weather is bad or I don’t feel great that day.

  9. just browsing thru the comments and without getting technical. i do think that doping or no doping it takes a special talent, determination, whatever you wanna call it to win the tour and more so more than 1. i don’t think there are many innocents in this picture. but there are things you can only push so far, and i think that in lance’s case he pushed too much. on the other hand. been also a fan of motorsports racing i can say that champions are not only made of winning races, wether is bikes (rossi vs biaggi) those who remember sheene vs roberts) there are champions who are more charismatic than others. and those are usually better embraced by their community. schumacher never had that, for exmaple. and a little on the techincal side if you read about indurain. he did have a above average condition for sports. heart rate, etc. that is just my opinion and how i see things. having lived in the US during lances years, and now in Spain i can also say that lance did a lot of good for the sport in the states. it felt like Americans rediscovered cycling so no matter what, that legacy should never be forgotten. and he should be allowed to compete again so he can prove he’s worth to people and himself. it will help him a lot. best of things and keep pedalling.

  10. The suspicion is, that the Indurain/Bugno/Chiapucci Podium in 1991 was the first EPO-Podium at the TdF. In the ’90 the Tour saw a remarkable increase in climbing abilities. See as a great source: http://www.phys.washington.edu/users/savage/Cycling/LookingAtTheData/AIC.html

    The authors claim: “To highlight the performances: If Armstrong, Pantani and Lemond had ridden Alpe D’Huez in the same race, but at their respective fastest speeds, Armstrong and Pantani would have finished approximately 11 minutes ahead of LeMond – or a distance of 3.3 km on the 13.8 km climb.” Miguel Indurain is in the same mold.

    Indurain was one of the first riders we astonishing consistency: in all of his TdF wins he almost never had a weak day. This is unprecedented. Therefore, sooner or later his achievements will be seen in “perspective”.

  11. This video isn’t about Indurain, it is about the cycling club and those guys are awesome. I have a hard enough time climbing with two legs, I can’t imagine how these guys go as fast as they do with only one.

    For the record, Indurain knew when to quit. Part of being great is knowing when to shut the door and turn out the lights without letting your ego get in the way.

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