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In last month’s review of FSA’S stiff, sexy SL-K SB0 seatpost, we noted that:

The SL-K’s only demerit an easily-addressed one.  In an effort to shave weight, FSA have carved a hole in the saddle cradle- providing a route for all manner of crap to get into the frame.  A piece of electrical tape easily sealed off the passage- but not until after our Project 1.2 Lurcher sounded like trailgoing maraca.  As anyone who’s tried to tease fine gravel out of a frame will attest, the task is a painful one.

Well, FSA must have heard us coming, as they’ve been in touch with a fix.  Hit the jump for the details!

Here’s the word straight from Mike at FSA:

Just wanted to let you and the Bike Rumor patrons out there know that we fixed the issue with the SL-K seatpost that you mentioned had only flaw, the hole on the bottom the clamp that allows dirt into the frame. We addressed the issue and re-designed the clamp to close the hole, still keeping the post very light weight.

The new design will go into effect soon and in the meantime customers wanting the specific plug for their existing SL-K seat clamp can contact the Full Speed Ahead Tech Department at (425) 488-8653 Monday – Friday 6am-5pm PST. The seatpost plug will be provided free of charge. At FSA we are continually working to improve our products and appreciate the feedback from our customers and media relations. As you see we make customer satisfaction a top priority!

We applaud FSA’s commitment to continuous improvement and willingness to admit shortcomings where they exist.  Read the full review to find out more about the lightweight, handsome, and reasonably-priced post.



  1. “Just wanted to let you and the Bike Rumor patron’s out there know that (…)”

    “patron’s” and “patrons” = NOT the same.

  2. Edited for tone
    [While there may be a typo in the press release, I’m glad they’ve fixed the problem.] I prefer BikeRumor’s electrical tape fix, personally.

  3. Actual effort from a company responding to consumer criticism and you tools can only comment on a misused apostrophe? What rich, full lives you both must have! We should go for a ride sometime… Is something I’ll never say out loud.

  4. I got my fix in the mail already. It was a FSA Vision bar-end plug set. They didn’t design a specific plug, but rather, they repurposed an existing part. Smart. Cheap. Effective. I like it. But, my fix = installing a Thompson Masterpiece and being done with it.

  5. I had the same problem with my seat post, I cut a piece of foam and inserted it into the top of the post and then sealed it with silicon, job done 🙂

  6. Funtooley,

    hehe, I’ve just returned from Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana (I jumped off the Victoria Falls Bridge and swam in the Devil’s Pool, etc.) So my life – at least at this point – is pretty much full.

    Misused apostrophe’s are really getting on my nerve’s. It wasnt the first time I had ranted about them. Ii was just my accumulated anger about it so I had to react 🙂 Or rather 🙁

    Best wishe’s Funtooley!

  7. bought one in july from, it still came with the hole on top.

    question is: is it still not fixed, or is it the retailer…?

    fixed it with sugru. looks neat.

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