RollPro III GoPro camera and accessory carrying case thats made in the USA

My GoPro cameras and accessories are in a giant camera bag, organized poorly and far to bulky to throw in a hydration pack. This means time spent before each ride picking the parts and bits, putting it all together, then heading out. If you’re in the same boat, Riseful has a solution.

Their new RollPro III carries up to three GoPro cameras and more accessories, mounts, chargers, backplates and memory cards than you’re likely to need on any single adventure. But they’re there just in case, and they roll up small and tight enough to easily fit in most packs and still leave room for the other, non-narcissistic items you may need.

Each one is handmade in California using Sunbrella canvas and genuine Velcro, both sourced from the US, and high-grade Japanese elastics. Retail is $79. Video and detail shots after the break…

RollPro III GoPro camera and accessory carrying case thats made in the USA

RollPro III GoPro camera and accessory carrying case thats made in the USA

Check out their website here.


  1. Great idea and the product looks well made. I have all my GoPro stuff in a tackle box and it works well but too big to carry on trips. I would order this roll if it was about $20 cheaper.

  2. I agree, if it were cheaper it would be totally worth it. Their costs must be super low, considering its a big band of elastic, some canvas fabric, and velcro. I would purchase this if it was at a sub $40 pricepoint

  3. Hey this may be a clue as to why you can’t get this very sweet product for NOTHING (yes sub $40 is basically nothing for a well researched/handmade cycling accessory), BUT….
    not-to-worry a sub-par asian knockoff should be dropping on eBay soon!

    From Kickstarter Site: “The RollPro III is designed and produced in-house in California. Because of this, quality and consistency can be achieved.”

  4. I really like this idea. They need a version that holds one gopro, batt pak, lcd pac and wireless pac… 🙂 I actually found the best bag for me so far is a $25 toiletry case that has a “Shower” hook. It works great because it hangs with access to all the zippered compartments and main straps. The roll idea though is really great.

  5. Looks like a similar idea to the speedsleeve concept. Price point for me is a bit high as in my useage the cameras are on the bike wifi remote on the bar but I can see a lot of potential. Now with the hero 3 release all the old accessories are not compatible and the k-edge has too solid mounts bar and seat rail. If i start using the cam for other non cycling things I’d consider

    Make one for tools for my mtb that can hold a big air co2 a multi tool,tube and that will sell. Been waiting a long time for the speedsleeve one.

    Looks really well made as well.

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