Kettle Cycles SICCC SFL Silicon Carbide Ceramic Carbon Fiber mountain bike disc brake rotors

For backers of their Kickstarter campaign, your SFL (one-piece) carbon-ceramic disc brake rotors from Kettle Cycles should be shipping just in the nick of time to meet the January claim.

Co-founder Aaron Stephens says they’re just waiting on the electrician to wire power to their new laser engraver so they can put serial numbers on the rest of them.

“We had a cheap laser engraver, but we worked it too hard and it blew up,” Stephens said. “You know, we had to start on a small budget, but it couldn’t handle the work load. So, we have a much more powerful one now, but it pulled too much power, so we have to run new lines from the transformer to juice it up.”

He told us February and March orders are on track to ship, too, and the two-piece rotors should be ready by end of March, too.


  1. Where Can i Bye pads for my Carbon disk SIC
    140 mm i have Avid Juicy 7/BB7 Breaks now i cant find SIC CERAMIC Rotors please help me

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