Are you ready for the no holds barred interview between hard hitting investigative day time television celebrity Oprah and the disgraced (sorta kinda) 7x Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong. If you aren’t, this amazing preview will get you excited for the drama yet to unfold tonight.

You can catch Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong—a “special” two-night event—on Thursday, January 17, and Friday, January 18, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN. The interview will be simultaneously streamed LIVE worldwide on


  1. I’m likely find something else to do with my time. The facts are quite well known and his “spin” isn’t going to change things. I also doubt Oprah’s softball questions will get him to reveal anything new.

  2. Don’t much care to watch the interview but if he admits guilt, I’m guessing Oprah paid him A LOT of money for it. Everyone has a price.

  3. Will this truly affect the cycling industry as a whole in the United States? Curious to read others opinions. Side note, I wonder if Trek burned all of the Lance memorabilia?

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