Honey Stinger Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry protein recover bar with caffeine

Honey Stinger’s new Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry Pro its first caffeinated protein bar.

Research shows that a combination of carbs and caffeine helps boost recovery by increasing post-exercise glycogen storage, and of course protein provides the building blocks for muscle. This new bar has 10 grams of whey protein and 30 mg of caffeine. Other ingredients include dark chocolate, organic honey, whey protein isolate, almonds, dried sour cherries and coffee.

“Our caffeinated chews and gels have been a big hit so we’re confident that our Mocha Cherry bars will see the same reception,” states Rich Hager, chief operating officer at Honey Stinger. “Caffeine has become an important part of the daily regimen for many athletes. These bars will provide protein for recovery or an energy-boosting snack.”

We really like that they’re getting the caffeine from coffee rather than synthetic versions. Bars will retail for $2.19 each.


  1. @Steve – I was just thinking the same thing. Google “Stroopwafel”, it’s the Dutch treat they ripped off for the original Honey Stingers, and you can buy them by the dozen instead of one at a time at 100% markup.

  2. Just like the bicycle industry! The big companies ripped off the original 2 wheel human powered concept made it in carbon with gears and demand premium prices for a design they just adapted.

    Not to make too much of a point but ‘stroop’ means syrup, there’s no secret recipe to putting syrup on a waffle.

  3. Hmmm riped off a Dutch company.. So Sram ripped off shimano for making bicycle drivetrain components? howmany companies offer hydration tabs who ripped off who? last time i checked you can buy things however you want, sack up and buy a case not singles?!?

  4. I can’t wait to get my hands on these bars. I’ve always had good luck with their products. Taste great and keep my fuel levels up.
    This company is owned and run by good people in Steamboat and Carbondale. Lance may have put a couple bucks into the company a few years ago, but the core of Honey Stinger are family oriented guys and gals who love to ride bikes and be outside.

  5. We should also boycott this crap: Nike, Michelob owner, Anheuser-Busch, Trek, 24hr Fitness, FRS, Giro, Radioshack, US Postal Services, Oakley, G-Shock, … wait … maybe also UCI,Oprah, NBC,U.S.A….. wait wait maybe we should boycott cycling ‘cos it was associated with .. wait ….

    Bunch of navel gazing whiners who had their nationalistic image of being super human world conquers destroyed because, ah, gasp, he lied to us, and now the rest of the world is pointing fingers and deriding us.

    So lets boycott all the people whom he lied to in a business context, cause their business to collapse and the employees to join the unemployed statistics so that we can pretend to be taking a stand.
    You don’t have the moral high ground until you’re boycotting substantial issues like toxic work environments and dangerous fiscal trade policies. Until then stop giving him the power to sway your opinions, stop using his name like he’s the only Lance (no, not my name).

  6. The Honey Stinger stuff always tasted great and worked well for me. Lance just invested a little into the company. I wouldn’t boycott this brand at all.

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