Pump House to Tree House bike path and trail relay ride from Pittsburgh to Washington DCThe Pump House to Tree House relay ride is a new event that’ll put riders on bike paths and trails (no roads!) all the way from Pittsburgh, PA, to Washington, DC.

The event runs April 20-21 and covers roughly 300 miles of traffic free crushed gravel and relatively flat trails.

It’s a non-competitve team ride via two of the most scenic bike paths in the states, the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Canal Towpath, with a Saturday night stop-over for a festival in Cumberland, MD, featuring bands, BBQ and cold beer where the ride stops over on Saturday night. It’s a quasi self supported ride, with maps and a timing chip provided for teams of four. Each rider is required to ride one of four legs per day, but all riders can ride any or all of them together if they want. Otherwise, they’ll need their own support vehicle to transfer riders between checkpoints.

Expect good times, great scenery and warm fuzzy feelings – The ride directly benefits the Tree House, a Child Assessment Center with victim-focused programs for cases of child abuse and neglect, especially sexual abuse.


  1. If I ever got into touring, this would be my first route. I was born in Pittsburgh so I love the area and i’ve heard nothing but good things about this trail system.

  2. The Great Allegheny Passage is an awesome trail on the way ‘down’ and the wife and I have enjoyed riding from Pittsburgh to DC last fall. Once past Cumberland though, I have to say that even though we were on cross bikes, the C&O Canal towpath left a lot to be desired. Especially after a day of heavy rains as the mud and standing water often made it difficult to navigate the debris and numerous potholes along the trail.

  3. Michael is correct. I’ve ridden C & O under good conditions and it is like an all-day CX race – rough and bumpy. Fun ride but, be prepared to take a beating. That time of year, lots of small sticks and branches on the trail or as my group called them – derailleur and spoke killers.

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