Kore Durox XX1 freehub rear hub for 12x142 mountain bikes and SRAM 1x11 drivetrain

KORE says they’ve been working on their XX1 freehub design since word of SRAM’s 1×11 group first surfaced, and now it’s available  for their 2013 Torsion and Durox hubs.

It’ll be available in both alloy and chromoly options, with the alloy Durox version coming in 11 grams lighter than their standard freehub, leaving the 12×142 hub at just 240g. In addition to hubs, it’ll be available as on option on XCD-LS, Durox and Mega complete wheels.

The Durox, pictured, will have QR/15/20 front axle options and QR, 10×135 thru and 12×142 thru axle options out back with the use of various spacers and axles. The drive system is made up of five triple-tooth pawls catching a 50-tooth drive ring. Stainless steel sealed cartridge bearings keep things rolling smooth. More pics and claimed weights after the break…

Kore Durox XX1 freehub for SRAM 1x11 drivetrain equipped mountain bikes

Hub Claimed Weights:
Front –
15/100 : 176g
20/110 : 172g
Rear –
12/142, 9/10 speed : 251g
12/142, XX1 : 240g

To see who else is making XX1 freehub bodies available, check out our manufacturer’s roundup post here!


  1. WOW that is pretty awesome. Now the question that I pose is do all five pawls engage at the same time? that would be 15 teeth engaged at once! I actually really like the sound of that, should make it pretty much bomb proof. the other option would be to have 250 POE which to me is actually less interesting.

  2. Tomorrow on Bike Rumor:

    KT hubs now with XX1 body!

    Thursday on bike rumor:

    JD hubs now with XX1 body!

    we get it…..all hubs will be or are already compatible. nice to know, but not news.

    The Gringo.

  3. @gringo

    This website is about reporting on news related to bike manufacturers and components (repetitive as may seem), among other cycling related news. Don’t be a smart ass.

  4. Kore screwed me over on some warranty work for their crappy clip less pedals back in the late 90s. It may be petty but I will never buy another Kore product and will talk trash about the company every chance I get.

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