Hammerhead Bikes Thumper 29er trail mountain bike
Hammerhead's Thumper in its original graphics.

Hammerhead Bicycles, who are re-launching their brand after an almost decade hiatus, is already changing up the graphics…and cutting you a deal.

“We wanted to start this brand off on the right foot,” says Hammerhead President Scott Robertson, “and we have, with an amazing 29er bike that we are especially proud of, but sometimes your graphic artist twists your arm so vehemently that you can’t help but call Uncle. We are confident in the bike itself, it’s fun as hell to ride, but we recognize the importance of the look as well.”

Their first and currently only model is the Thumper, a 120mm 29er trail bike that Marc reviewed pretty positively. While we really kinda like the small stripes, the artist (in this case entrepreneur) is always their own worst critic. Anyone interested can get a deal on remaining stock of the first run with original graphics. Frameset price is being reduced from $1499 to $1299.

“If you like the graphics, don’t care about the graphics, or know the graphics will mostly be covered by mud, call this first batch ‘limited edition’ versions and save $200,” says Robertson.

New, updated graphics will be released soon.


  1. Why not name the bike “Hammerhead” like the original Titus made Hammerhead bike were named? The military stencil graphics along with the idiotic thumper name a big turn off, It’s sad that they put a good effort into the bike then half-assed it on the name paint and graphics.

  2. I think if anyone here actually knew why they named it Thumper, it would make more sense. Thumper is the name of a trail here in Austin, and if you’ve ridden it, the name probably makes sense. I miss hammerhead being in Austin.

  3. Thanks for the feedback….yeah we botched the graphics. We owned up to it, and are offering a killer deal on an excellent riding bike. If you don’t believe me test it out for yourself 🙂

    The Bike is Hammerhead, and I am working a lot w/ Charles & Cody…the have given a ton of input on the bike through the whole process the last year as we brought it to market. We connect quite a bit and they are involved w/ the 2nd frame we have in the works.

    Here is some info on the Thumper Trail and why we came up with THUMPER as the Model Name

    Thanks, Scott….if you have other questions or input please feel free to hit me directly at scott@hammerheadbikes.com

  4. I’d rather buy a Kona Satori and support the guys that originally designed this bike, instead of buying a rebranded knockoff. “Ooooh, but it’s got a horst link!” Whatever. This whole bike is about as imaginative as the paint job.

  5. Now that the exact location of the trail has been posted, please note that there is no place to park around the trailhead. Parking along the trail head is prohibited and will likely jeopardize the future of this trail. Sorry, if I’m coming off a little over protective here.

  6. That’s fine, I’m familiar with AustinBike. I was in effect paraphrasing his warning to trail users. I was just worried that the link you posted above, while it mentions a description of the trail, makes no mention of the parking issue there. Thanks for the reply. I’m fine with the trail receiving more publicity, but I just want to make sure that the “best kept secret in Austin: Thumper, the trail” is used responsibly. Looking forward to seeing the new graphics!

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