bikerumor pic of the day winter bike ride in santa monica

Photo submitted by Joey Mackey, “Base Mile Monday.  Another January day in Santa Monica.”

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  1. L.A. is the best for road riding……. when you’re 80! I guess we’ll term it a “Mackey” when the riding get tough, you move to So. Cal.

  2. @Loco Indeed – my weekend forecast here in D-town is 22 and 20 for highs… I’ll be out there anyway and definitely won’t go through 2 full bottles…

  3. Dude, how can you do base miles in the Santa Monicas? You’d better have a XX1 cassette if you want to keep your heart rate low enough with some of those climbs (Deer Creek and Decker come to mind…)

    Also, to anybody who hasn’t ridden there- it’s awesome. I highly recommend it.

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