Several major news sites are citing a report that Lance Armstrong is considering admitting to doping during his professional cycling career.

While we don’t typically cover much in the way of racing news here on Bikerumor, this is pretty big. With lawsuits and claims for monies pending against Armstrong seeking reimbursement for payments and bonuses earned during competition, any admission could cost much more than what’s left of his reputation. Oh, and it could open him up to charges of perjury.

Reported by the NY Times, according to several folks close to him Armstrong has told anti-doping officials and others he’s considering “publicly admitting that he used banned performance-enhancing drugs and blood transfusions during his cycling career”.

His goal is allegedly to open discussions with officials to allow him to participate in sanctioned running and triathlon events. He is currently banned for life from participating in any event that holds to USADA’s rules and the World Anti-Doping Code, which includes pretty much all of the major marathons and triathlons an athlete like him would be interested in.

Regarding the speculation that he may confess, Armstrong’s attorney, Tim Herman, told the NYT: “Lance has to speak for himself on that.”


  1. So years and years of cheat and the effects of the cheating still have you way ahead of where you should be and yet you want to be allowed to complete in running and triathlon races while still benefitting from your cheating.

  2. If I trained for 20 years on drugs, I’d probably be at elite level too, even if i stopped a year ago. Should be a lifetime ban wether he confesses or not.

  3. Why doesn’t he just use some of his cash to start his own non-anti-doping sanctioning body? I’d think that big pharma and the sports nutrition companies would jump right on board as sponsors.

  4. In addition to revealing he doped, Lance will also admit that the world is not flat and that smoking is bad for you.

  5. Christian morality even corrupts sports.

    LA is banned from competition for his sins BUT if he confesses he will have repented & then can be redeemed…got to love it.

    By that standard there should be no one in prison…..BARF

  6. Lance Armstrong is just a stupid piece of sh!t who was highly defended by all of you just a few months back, no matter what…

  7. Seriously, if he decides to come forward then it’s news, but everybody publishing articles on ‘he may have been heard to say….’ isn’t really journalism and borders on gossip. More than anything I think it’s time for this guy to go away and stop being made to be relevant in a sport desperately trying to get past him.

  8. Seriously though…. Considering the millions this could cost him in having to return money to the various organizations that are suing him, it says quite a bit about how much this man needs to continually massage his ego. I suppose one could argue that he loves sport, but I see a pathetic addiction that has to be fed at all costs. A very sad man.

  9. Come on guys. Yes, he cheated. But everybody how knows about how cycling worked, knew that he was cheating from the first day, back to the day of his 4th place of the vuelta 1998. After the festina-scandal, he was the type of guy cycling needed the most. He just came back from chemo-therapy. And everybody that had ever experienced how chemo destroys your body would never ever think, a person who had gone through this, would ever dope or take medication he dose’t need. He seemed like the perfect clean-white-night after the dark ages of team-doping, that came to mind in 1998.
    The way he rode and the way he beat the other guys was a clear hint of his doping practice. There where a couple of riders clean during his era, more than we would belive, but every other rider he competed with in the top 10-15 was definetly on dope.
    So, now, when he confesses, an I think he soon will, and tells the USADA what he knows, how his doping system worked and how he could never tested positive, he could lead the system in to a better direction. When it comes to a collapse of the leading persons in the UCI and WADA, he desevers our respect. We should not thank him for doing, because he lied to us all during his career, but for telling the truth – finally. His confession could shake the trees of the cycling authorites and bring the bad fruits down.

    Oh… and sorry for my bad english – I’m german. 🙂

  10. its a strategic move on his lawyers part. a semi-confession gets him out of being forced to testify at Bruyneel’s hearing and not having another perjury charge to deal with

  11. really looking forward to what everybody with an ounce of common sense, minus his defenders = tools, knew for decades. Can’t await for this announcement.

  12. Whatever is it, he cheated (and like everyone else in the peloton – so he and others claim) and did not have the b***ls to admit it when caught. Others have done the time and bounced back with respect (Vino!) . He’s too egoistic and commercial strapped to ‘just come out and admit’ … there’s something in it for him to do so. Just my 2.5 cents

  13. Antitheist,

    You have it wrong. It isn’t just Christianity, other religions preach forgiveness. Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism place an importance on forgiveness, either divine forgiveness or human forgiveness.

    We don’t have to like what the guy has done and we can keep him from racing due to his past actions, but we should forgive and move on. We should show love, mercy, and compassion, like God or Allah has shown for us.

  14. It’s amazing to see all the f’ing tools out there that support this dude. Just look at his strava (which btw, he just changed his name from Juan pelota to LA to start the PR back on his famed name). . Every ride and run that tool does on strava has 100’s of comments of “man you are an inspiration, blah blah blah, …let me suck you off because you are so great”…

    It’s not the dope that makes him a’s the way he treated people. For 1000’s out there though they seem to be blind.

  15. Just as politicians, cheating and lying sports celebrities are not sentenced hard and strict enough. I mean just run a red light or miss some neglectible $ on your income tax and you check in.
    Lock him up and make him the new face of prison sports league fashion!

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