Giro First Friday limited edition goods - January gets the East Meets West cycling cap
Dain models January's East Meets West cotton cycling cap.

Giro will be releasing a limited edition item on the first Friday of each month. The promotion’s called First Friday 50, and you’ll only be able to see the goods on their Giro Sport Design Facebook page (well, and here on Bikerumor, but you can only buy them there).

The idea is to let their designers and artists offer some of their more niche designs or outside-of-production-cycle ideas and give Giro fans a chance to get something few others will have. First up is this cycling cap, which went live yesterday. Here’s the blurb:

The “East Meets West” theme on this Italian-made, Classic Cotton Cap is inspired by our love for the diverse cycling cultures that have evolved from the East and West coasts of the U.S. The East side shows the iconic architecture of the NYC skyline, celebrating the streets that gave rise to fixed gear culture. The West features San Francisco’s defining architecture, which served as the backdrop for the earliest days of adventure riding and mountain bike culture. No matter how you roll, this cap offers a layer of protection from the elements and adds a signature element to your personal style.

Click through for detail pics and the full PR…

PRESS RELEASE: As a design-driven brand, Giro has always focused on ways to use the power of great design to elevate style and performance for riders. However, there are times when ideas simply come too late for a product cycle, or there are too many good ideas to fit into our product line, or the ideas simply aren’t something that can be easily mass-produced.

Rather than let go of these great ideas and inspirations, Giro has decided to produce a limited run of special products, just for their fans on Facebook. The new First Friday 50 promotion is your chance to get limited-edition products directly from Giro, every month. These items will be available on the First Friday of each month, with 50 pieces of each item available through the Giro Sport Design page on Facebook.

“This is a chance for our designers to see some of their more creative, or niche, ideas come to life. And at the same time, we can offer our friends and fans a chance to get something truly special from us”, said Giro’s Design Director, Eli Atkins.

To get in on the promotion and have a chance to buy these items, fans simply have to “like” GiroSportDesign on Facebook and then look for the monthly drop. Items will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and available to riders worldwide. When these items are sold-out, they’re gone for good.

Next month’s item will be revealed on February 1st.


  1. Agree, the jersey looks terrific.

    It is similar to (but slightly different from) a DeMarchi jersey
    chuck “demarchi belgian wool” into Google Images…

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