Fluoshop wood peg minimal bike hook wall storage rack

Etsy crafter Fluoshop is offering one of the most minimal wall-mounted bike racks we’ve seen. Two simple wood pegs and some shelf hardware let your (lightweight) bike hang out while you do your thing.

The kit sells for €65 (about $87) and comes with instructions stating it must be installed perfectly straight and on a wall strong enough to hold the load. We don’t see why you couldn’t screw the shelf supports directly into a stud and improve its load capacity. More pics below…

Fluoshop wood peg minimal bike hook wall storage rack

Fluoshop wood peg minimal bike hook wall storage rack


  1. Ninety dollars for some dowel and wall fasteners (plus the wasted time, money, and energy on a screen-printed box). There are no words.

  2. This would cost you MAYBE $5 at Home Depot to make. Fine, $55 if you’re starting from scratch and need to buy a drill, bit and handsaw. Ridiculous!!

  3. I’m not defending the utility of this, but the way it’s made is such that it’s much more than $5. Whether it’s *worth* more than $5 is another question.

    The steel dowel is either turned from one pc to incl. the wood screw threads or has female threads into which a double ended furniture screw is fastened. It also has wrench flats to screw it into the wall and probably also to receive a worm screw from the wood dowel to keep it from coming off.
    Those are all machining operations. Not rocket surgery but not $5 either. Then the receiver hole in the wood dowel has to be on axis or it will never go on straight, so would require a jig to hold it square to the drill press or machine center also.

    Anywyay, the real problem is that the end user has to ensure that the hole they drill into their wall is perfectly normal to the plane and getting that right with hand tools is unlikely. So the dowels will sit just off angle enough to be obvious and unsightly and negating all the efforts to make the assembly straight and true.

    so the bike they don’t ever ride ends up sitting on two wonky looking but nicely made pc’s of wood..

  4. Two f’in dowels for 65 euro!! WTF!! This is got to be the most ridiculous product ever… I’ll have to share this with BikeSnob…

  5. So how hipster is the Bike Hook? It’s the ironic Bike Hook that isn’t even a hook at all. The very definition of a hook is “a curved or bent device…”

  6. So, I’m starting to think Bike Rumor intentionally posts stuff for people to hate. I kinda like it (the the posting of stuff to hate, I mean. Not the wall pegs…I hate the wall pegs).

  7. Now that’s were you want to hang your hipster friend along with it’s hipster bike next time you throw a cocktail party. Since the dumb @ss would feel right at home up in there don’t forget to plug him in so that he can fuel up your Bang & Olufsen stereo set while he pedal.

  8. @Texast

    LOL, yes… If this was a Kickstarter project there would be 32 comments raving about how cool this is and how excited they are to pay now and have the chance to take delivery of this amazing new hookless-hook product in a mere 12-18 months.

  9. Don’t forget the equally absurd $25.44 freight from Germany.

    Now German sheetrock might hold the weight of a bicycle but the leverage created by a 25lb. bike at the wall would probably pull through made-in-America 1/2″ sheetrock, not to mention these “spears” would do a nice job of impaling someone if they fall into them in the unlikely event the wall art was actually used as a bicycle.

    Sorry..what was I thinking?

  10. I’ll be keeping the plank and wood arm dealies I have now. And have had for ten years. I can do pull ups on those suckers.

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