bikerumor pic of the day 36 inch waltworks  mountain bike tires

Photo submitted by Matt, “First ride on the 36er with the new Waltworks tires you posted about a awhile back.” Bike by Black Sheep Bikes.

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  1. it’s like a fish-eye lens photo! the subcultures in cycling are very entertaining. sophisticated and loves monster trucks kinda profile.

  2. @JimmyZ – Not that I would feel comfortable riding (about 17-18lbs). Kinda missing the point – light doesn’t necessarily = fun, and heavy doesn’t necessarily = not fun.

  3. Please stick to real cycling info. This kinda crap is just a novelty for the people that can’t stand to not have something different than everyone else.

    • Matt, The “Pic Of The Day” series is just photographs of people’s bikes. Sometimes we post photos of OLD bikes or art made from bikes. It’s not intended to show something new all the time. Novelty is fun sometimes, too.

  4. 36er’s are the future…..nice pic Matt! These bikes are fun to ride they roll everything cars, buildings and the
    ocasional 26er holdout!!


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