We saw Culprit’s Junior One this summer at Interbike, shortly after its formal announcement, and liked the build quality. Now, it’s in stock and shipping for $1,295 USD including shipping.

As founder Josh Colp has mentioned, it’s a real bike made for performance riding, it just happens to be sized for kids.  Colp says he made this video just to show it’ll easily handle the weight of a full size adult, but that it rolls quick and easy for kids. Standover height is just 550mm,  Interested? It and the Arrow One we reviewed are shipping now. Order form is downloadable here, or check their website for more details.

There’s also the Junior Two 650C road bike for really short riders or kids that are in between sizes. Standover height is 686mm, and Colp says it should be ready to ship around January 15 for $1,350 USD. Both prices mentioned here are part of their New Year’s special and go up in mid-February.

A junior racer on the Junior One in Thailand. Note the Token wheels and other decent spec.


  1. Awesome to see them going for it for kids with a racing road bike. I like the idea of using the smaller wheels. They could maybe use a narrower handlebar too.

    FYI – you could also invent a bike for tall people that was fully to scale with bigger wheels, 750s or something. That could fix the giant head tube & towering tall feel to XXL bikes.

  2. kids need to play not train or ruining their bodies by pushing hard. this only encourages parents to “live” through their kids like beauty pageants.

  3. @ascar

    Having a 6 y.o. son, I don’t think some kids are “taught” how to work for things or how to deal with failures. Do parents go overboard, yes, but they are missing the point anyway.

    I’d rather have my son outside training for anything than wearing his thumbs out on his DS, Facypaging, or downing a package of Oreos while he watches TV.

    BTW, I showed this to my son and he asked “Am I getting one of those!?” and “Dad, that’s a road bike like yours! I want one!”

  4. very nicely speced out, but with two kids racing and one starting next year I will say that is pretty pricey for a bike that will only last a couple of years. Redline conquest 24 is half that price and work both road and cross.

  5. Why do people get so pissy about kids wanting to race road, but don’t bat an eyelash at BMX, football, junior hockey, etc. In all of those sports kids train. I had a blast as a kid playing hockey, hoops, baseball…

    Are people just biffed because they haven’t seen this that much?

  6. I totally dig this. I don’t think I could afford one, but I know my kids want to be like dad and ride. Just because they have a race bike doesn’t mean they have to train their butts off and race. Kids would ride that in a heart beat just to get out and have fun. On the other end of the spectrum, I’m pretty sure there are a few lawyers and dentists with supremely nice racing bikes don’t own them to race, just to have fun and enjoy them,

  7. @dimples, it’s because they themselves only equate road cycling with training and don’t have an understanding of how it could possibly be something someone does for fun. If this were a video of a kid on a mtb, they would be loving it right now.

  8. Racing, training playing , they’re outside enjoying fresh air , keeping ,getting fitter and srtonger, Xbox, Nintendo ,play stations should be sold with a health warning or banned to under 16 year olds, love the culprit junior one, am looking for a uk retailer at mo

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