Bamboo Cycle Wipes White Lightning Biodegradable Individual Package

Shop brand White Lightning released a new line of biodegradable wipes for the new year.

Called Bamboo Cycle Wipes, they’re made from a 100% bamboo natural fiber fabric that White Lightning sources from China. They’re designed to clean anything from bike to body. Wipes are said to completely decompose after 28 days in compost. Available in three different packages, pricing is $7.95 for a 25-wipe canister, $4.95 for a 6-pack of pouches, or $19.99 for a 36 pack of pouches.

First impressions and details after the break…

white lightning bamboo wipes fresh out of the package recycleableWith winter weather dirtying up the road bike, it seemed an opportune time for a mini-review. After popping open an individually packaged sample pack of Bamboo Cycle Wipes, I noticed first the lack of smell.  There’s a very mild hint of cleaning agent, but no abundant aroma like some other brands Actionwipes (tea tree oil) and Progold shop towels (orange citrus) have. Sizing for my sample was 19 x 26 cm. Production wipes are 17 x 28cm for canister wipes, or 22.5 x 20 cm for individual packets.

Wipes are the same texture on both sides and are thick enough and woven in a way that’s very rip resistant. The bristles of bamboo in the fabric can be felt to the touch, but it’s not overbearing and I couldn’t imaging it being uncomfortable on the skin.

White lightning bamboo wipes fresh out of package dirty

The towel picked up some dirt cleaning the frame, naturally, and I subjected it to a quick wash.

White lightning bamboo wipes fresh out of package washed reuseable.

After running the wipe under warm water for about 10 seconds, I squeezed the water from the towel and inspected. The dirt washed off for the most part and it functioned as a fantastic commuter bike wipe afterwards.

They’ll be listed on the White Lightning website soon.


  1. While it’s brilliant to see companies thinking forward, I think people need to have a deeper look into bamboo based fabrics before waving their hands in the air. Yes, it’s highly sustainable in terms of a renewable source but it’s an enviro nightmare to process to the point it’s a soft fabric.

    That all said, I’d use these in a flash over other more nasty poly based options.

  2. Yeah, mega hyper ultra bicycle wipes, shipped around the world and in a package with lots of material. Soundy great! This MUST be green, biological, … !!!!!

    And look it has the “rubbing dirt over the whoole frame”-feature to get the coole scratchy used look! That’s so great!

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