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When looking for a bolt-on skewer to keep our Project 1.2 On-One Lurcher’s rear wheel from slipping in its horizontal dropouts, I decided to give the rear half of Halo’s GBP8 (under $15) Hex Key Skewer set a try.  Not often seen on our side of the world, Halo is a budget-minded wheelgoods brand out of the UK.  A nice deep CNC machined end cap looked able to take the recommended 7 ft-lb torque and a built-in “no-turn tab” make it easier to deliver.  How has the rear Halo handled single speed life? Hit the jump to find out!

not sure how I missed the purple version...

Combined with the Roval Control Carbon wheelset’s knurled DT-Swiss hub ends and the Lurcher’s somewhat soft aluminum dropouts, the Halo has held tighter than the DT RWS skewer it replaced- staying put beyond where my legs run out of torque. The pressed-in “no-turn tab” wasn’t seated properly from the factory, but was easy enough to pull out and re-seat and has kept the nut end from spinning during installation (cone wrench flats are also provided for the same reason).

Torquing a skewer to 7 ft-lb can be unnerving, but the Halo skewer’s threads have easily taken the torque.  Though quick release skewers are on their way out for mountain bikes, Halo’s Hex Skewers are a good and inexpensive way to add a bit of solidity, slow a thief, add some color, or shave some weight from any number of bikes.  Price right, problem, solved, product recommended.



  1. I’ve been using hex key skewers for about 5 years now. I originally started using them to save weight but then figured they also offer a clean look to the bike. The other benefit is that they are really hard to damage. Unlike quick release skewers that seemed to always catch a rock and if you’re using expensive Salsa skewers it gets to be pretty expensive to replace.

    I’ve been using the generic Chinese versions that sell for $8 per pair on amazon and ebay. Never had an issue. I have them on both my road bikes and all my MTBs. Love them and recommend them to all.
    It’s funny because most people think that they are not as convenient as quick release skewers. If you need to take off the wheel then you’re most likely going to pull out your tools so its not a big whoop. IMHO, of course.

  2. Unless you swap wheels mid-race, I don’t see much point in QR skewers at all.

    On a ride, who cares? It takes a few extra seconds at worst, and you get most of them back by not having to tweak for fashion-appropriate lever angle.

  3. My experience with these skewers is they’re not as strong as a nice QR skewer nor do they hold as tightly.

    I had a rigid carbon fork 3-4 years ago that would flex and work a cheap QR loose. I put these bolt on skewers on and the problem persisted even with the little hook thingy – I eventually broke the front skewer by overtightening it.

    FSA closed cam skewers solved the problem, but they are 30g heaver per wheel. Worth the weight to me.

  4. I just purchased the Halo skewers for my fatbike and they did shave almost a quarter pound off of the xt skewers that came with the pigsley (down to 32.5 pounds) but what I really liked was the confidence of having a bolt on skewer on a horizontal dropout. If you want to put your fatty on a diet you will need 2 (front/rear) sets since Halo doesn’t come in a 1 piece 135mm option to buy 2 of.
    For a real weight weenie bolt on skewer buy the Control Tech Race SL the complete set is 29 grams, half the weight and twice the price of Halo but great for a superlight XC build.

  5. In response to Isaac, I have Action Bicycle USA’s bolt on skewers. They are available in singles. This means you can buy only rears if you want. They never slipped on me.

  6. BBB,

    Funny you should mention that- mine failed on the very same day: broken at the root of one of the threads. It let go while I was tightening it and the nut shot across the room 🙁


  7. Hey can some one help me out I just baught the halo supa drive hub,for my dirt jump hardtail with horizontal drop outs,not relizing that it was qr I was bummed out but I came across these halo hex key skewers does any body rhink they will give me more pressure than a regular qr skewer and enough pressure to prevent slippage when pedaling and what not? Plz help me out here thnx!!…….the sizing matches it’s 135 mm

  8. From the website
    “Torque setting: 7Nm*
    *Please note that there is a packaging error that states the Torque Setting to be 7 ft/lbs. This is incorrect as it should be 7Nm. “

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