• Giro has bought back more than 1,000 helmets from Costco after an unauthorized dealer sold them into about 18 stores in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Roughly 1,500 snow helmets were sold to the stores, which are not an authorized dealer. Giro took the action to protect its authorized dealers and maintain pricing, part of their dealer plan that keeps minimum pricing in effect to protect dealer margins.
  • Norco is recalling about 90 2011-model Havoc 24- and 26-inch bikes with serial numbers beginning with K10DQ, K10FQ, K10IQ, K10KQ P10K, P10F or P11B. The top tube can separate from the downtube. Details on Norco’s website here.
  • Wilier is also recalling bikes sold between January and October 2012. About 200 Izoard XP bicycles with carbon alloy forks and serial numbers between LH0001 and LH4000 are on the notice because the forks’ aluminum steerer tubes can break while in use. Visit Wilier-USA.com for details.
  • Earlybird discount for the Sea Otter Classic ends December 31st.
  • LA Weekly reports about the sad state of affairs regarding hit-and-runs – and how one cyclist found the man who hit him and left him for dead. Current laws penalize drunk drivers who hit someone and stop to help MORE than those who hit someone and run from the scene of the accident – essentially encouraging this inhumane behavior.
  • IMBA is celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2013, and you can help them celebrate (and continue to enjoy increased trail access by joining or renewing your membership here. Join at $35 or more per year and you’ll get the calendar shown above or another gift (or forgo the gift and let all of your membership monies further the cause).


  1. “Current laws penalize drunk drivers who hit someone and stop to help MORE than those who hit someone and run from the scene of the accident – essentially encouraging this inhumane behavior ” .
    Gotta love USA !! Land of the Free because you’re basically free to hit and run someone and no jail time will be granted,Land of the Brave because you really need to have plenty of guts about leaving someone for dead !! Honestly ? I would never ever bike in LA.

  2. as an LA cyclist – i know dozens of people who have been involved in hit and runs. all you can do is arm yourself with lights and protective gear and ride smart. and never ever assume that a car will obey a traffic law.

    reading the comments section of that article made me sick. also, this explains why cycling on a grand scale will in my mind never, ever become a part of american transportation culture. not matter how many bike lanes, laws, or bike share programs there are…

    but, i love LA and i love bike commuting as much as i can – which is mainly to events at night and such

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