By now, most of you are in the know about Fox’s CTD (Climb/Trail/Descend) and iCD (intelligent Climb/Descend) damping system on 2013 forks and shocks. Afterall, they were introduced in April, and we’ve posted some first impressions on them with a detailed technical breakdown here.

But, supposing all those words and images have faded from memory, here are two official videos to reconnect those synapses. Above, the CTD vid. Click through for the less-product-centric iCD intro, their electronic lockout for more XC oriented bikes…

More details on iCD can be found in this post.


  1. YA KABUSH! bein’ all Kabush like. fox is doin their thang. ctd is the next step in making better forks – constant progression however small the steps may be. some may not like the dubbed down damping, but obviously things are going well when 70% of riders I see on the trail are sporting some fox goodies…

  2. My 2013 CTD fork has a wonderful Climb setting perfect for road or fire road climbs, a Trail setting that lacks a little compression damping but overall isn’t too bad, and a wonderful Dive setting that i’m unable to descend on due to the lack of anything remotely resembling damping. However my old 2011 fork was marvelous.

  3. It’s all about the new air spring!!!!! The new forks have a 100% better feel through the travel than anything air fox have previously produced. You don’t know until you try! Ctd works fine and has more than enough tinkering possibility!

  4. i love all this tech, very nice.

    I find a bit weird how in the videos, there are zero rocks… just hardpack very easy smooth soil mmm… weird. I wonder if it’s made on purpose… so people may think; “if they need it there, i definitely need it for my local rocky rides… ”

    Electronic version should have an aceleremoter and skip the switch.

  5. bzzzz! bzzzz! bzzzz! Just the kind of racket to really make for a nice peaceful ride in the woods. Have we really become so obsessed, to require such frivolity?

    This is a shark jump moment for mtb’ing.

  6. Scott, I doubt the average trail user really needs iCD, and anyone on a race circuit is probably not going to hear it when it’s drowned out the in the din of cowbells, yelling and all the other racers jockeying for position around you.

    Also, you learn to ignore those things. Riders used to complain about how indexing clicks would give them away before an attack. We’ve come a long, long way.

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