ORP Bike Horn LED Light Kickstarter Project


Outside of DIY videos, we rarely see contraptions like this. Orp is a new Kickstarter project that jams a light and horn into the same device. Great idea for a Kickstarter right?

Encased in a soft elastomer skin, Orp has two multisetting devices, a USB horn and USB light. Both are powered by a push button on the top of the light. The horn has two settings, soft and loud. By touching the button slightly, a soft 76 decibels are emitted.  That’s about as loud as a living room stereo. By mashing on the button harder, Orb emits a loud horn that reaches 96 decibels, as loud as a lawnmower. That should get the attention of most cars.

The light emits 87 lumens with three settings – slow strobe, fast strobe, and constant. If you mash the horn while the light is on, it juices the light up to 92 lumens for safety. Battery life is quoted at 6 hours with constant light, 12 hours with a slow strobe. When it dies, the lithium ion battery recharges via USB port on the rear. Providing funding is met, Orp will be available in Black, White, Green, Blue, Orange, and Glow-in-the-Dark. Retail is set at $49.95 and they’re available on the Kickstarter page for $40.

Specs, images, and a video after the break…


Orp Bike Light Horn Combo Full Specs


Orp Bike Horn Bike Light Diagram-Lithium-Ion Batteries




  1. Great idea, but needs a remote horn switch. Usually when you feel the need to sound the horn, you can’t take your hands off the bars to do it!
    I have an air horn mounted with the trigger by my thumb.

  2. This looks like a great product, but you want to horn with a noise that is familiar to motorist that will make them stop. A sound that is unfamiliar will probably get their attention but will it make them stop in time? A bike bell is a familiar sound that when heard you know what to look out for. I find shouting F’ing stop works too. Having a sound for the horn that humans cannot relate to may not get them to stop in time. Either way, it’s an innovative product.

  3. Holy crap, you guys haven’t ever heard of the scam that actually is Kickstarter?

    What kinds of kickbacks are you getting from the frauds?

    BikeRumor, home of bike fetish “lifestylers” who ride 10x/year and (deleted) over their Dream Bike fantasy 225x/year.

  4. I wish that designers would consider making lights that had dual bands and straddled the stem, making the lights centered instead of on one side or the other. Is this a bad idea?

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