Carbon Chromag handlebars just made an appearance on their Facebook page. No details to share just yet we’re guessing they’ll be roughly ~780mm wide, ~250 grams, and hefty in the price department. Expect them to land in North America sometime January.


  1. 780????? good lawrd……talk about spread eagle.

    good weight for that much bar and to think that it has to be stronger at that length.

  2. Many other good choices of bars that won’t be off the charts expensive.
    The new SIXC bar from RaceRace is 780mm, EASTON HAVOC 800mm 220g, And even the bars from Answer. I hope someone does a test soon other than just a ride test with all these bars to show which is stronger.

  3. wow, handlebar with new brand stamp on it. wide, narrow, who f-ing cares. you can cut it. this just doesnt seem worth the bandwidth required to view the pixels

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