A while back, we saw the Jiggernaut, a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign that yielded a CNC-cut MDF board kit that assembled into a complete bicycle frame building jig. It retails for $299 on its own, or as little as $499 for a kit with all the tubes and lugs you need to build your first road/track or mountain bike.

Now, they’ve made an even smaller option that has bigger results. The Jiggernaut Lite comes with everything from the original except the back plate. Well, that, and any size restrictions forced by having to include a back plate.

The Lite version ships much smaller, and you mount the jig parts on any piece of solid, flat board you want. This lets you increase the sizes and shapes of frames you can make. It includes a poster schematic for road bikes, and you can also get it as a kit with tubes and lugs. They’re also offering COPE kits that give you random tube pieces and instructions on how to cut and braze, because practice makes perfect!

Why make it this way? For many of us, it’s a romantic notion to build our own bicycle, but even used jigs are over a thousand bucks, making it a pretty big commitment for something that may just end up collecting dust.

Like the original, this one’s a Kickstarter Campaign. Video above has some of the details, pics below…

Above, the kit with most of the parts to build a track-style road frame. Below, their new fork jig kit.


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