There’s simply no denying cyclocross is the new mountain biking. The party atmosphere, the costumes, the cowbells… Good times. Nice to see even the pros aren’t taking themselves too seriously.

And, yes, those appear to be SRAM hydraulic disc brakes in a few sequences. Switch it to hi def and big screen then get that pause finger ready.


  1. USA Cycling is going to spend the next few days trying to take this video down. Cyclocross is serious business. Fun is no good for the sport.

  2. Us take ourselves less seriously? This is BikeRumor. Where every commenter is a bicycle fitting expert who also just so happens to be a top-level materials engineer. How dare you think we can sit back and not rage at something like this.

  3. @ Ck – too right – everyone is so serious! it’s almost Christmas – festive cheer folks.

    Now if I am to be serious for a minute – cough, cough –

    @ G.. ”Quantum fail.” – all too often people misuse the word ‘quantum’ =, the term is the study of the smallest possible particle movements (originating in the world of quantum mechanics) – people & G.. in this instance, are misusing the term. It would be better not to use the word at all. ‘Fail’ would mean you think the video is ‘sh1t’, ‘quantum fail’ means a tiny fail . . . perhaps.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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