the coop kids bikes wooden construction sustainableNowadays, it seems the market’s flooded with ill-made, disastrous kids’ bike designs. And good design shouldn’t have a minimum height requirement. When a kids’ bike breaks the stereotype, like Grow by Orbea, and a three bike concept titled “the Coop” by Federico Rios, we’re excited for the potential.

Designed around sustainability, the Coop line is built from reclaimed wood and many parts are swappable between builds. All coloring is achieved with natural vegetable dyes. The set consists of a push bike and two trikes, one trike designed to hold two kids.

Perhaps they’ll be available for the holiday season next year? Images after the break…

the coop three wooden kids bikes

the coop wooden push bike kids

the coop wooden trike two bars

the coop trike wooden designMore info and images at Federico Rios’ website.


  1. These look like those terrible hard, slick plastic wheels that have prevented me from buying many a run-bike for my 2-year-old daughter. I see a valve stem (?) so maybe they’re pneumatic but I don’t think so. These look overly complicated. It’s hard to beat the basic aluminum models with good pneumatic tires. No drivetrain means they should last almost indefinitely. I don’t see the ‘disastrous’ design in those.

  2. @ Jimmy – the valve stem you see is fake – faux valve stem – I don’t know why they do that. Same wheels on many run bikes as you mentioned, like strider. The plastic tires don’t get flats, which is a big plus for the not so mechanically talented moms and dads who can’t change a flat. The problem is inherent – plastic tires don’t grip at all – think your first big wheel trike : ) I’ve also found that the pneumatic tires that come with balance bikes like Skuut, and Kinderfeet are (Cheng-Shin) rubbish and prone to blow outs and punctures, but provide better control and a smoother ride.

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