boombotix rex ultraportable action sports speaker

We first spotted BoomBotix at Interbike last year and were impressed with the volume and clarity their little Boom Bots could pump out while mounted to a handlebar.

Now, they’re turning an eye toward more aggressive athletes. You know, like mountain bikers (and snow boarders, skaters, etc.) with the Rex. The Rex is a ruggedized, hexagonal speaker with two 36mm drivers in front of an oblong subwoofer. That combo should give you high volume with respectable bass considering the size. And, with high level waterproofing and wireless operation, you should be able to bring da noiz just about anywhere.

We want one bad. Seems lots of people do, since they blew through the funding goal on Kickstarter by a mile. Why? Click past for all the specs and you’ll be setting aside some of that Christmas cash, too…

The Rex is more than just a portable speaker. It connects to your smartphone, tablet or computer and can take calls via phone, Facetime, Skype or whatever. Three simple buttons let you skip songs, change volume and take/end calls. In addition to the speakers, it has a noise canceling microphone to pick up your voice. You can even use this to operate Siri.

boombotix rex ultraportable action sports speaker

The Li-Ion battery recharges via mini USB and is good for up to six hours of music. A line out lets you daisy chain multiple speakers and still control them wirelessly, and a line in lets you pump tunes through it without going wireless. The housing is ruggedized ABS plastic, and a clip on the rear let’s you stick it wherever you’ve got a belt, strap or crease.

The 2.1 sound system is rated at 90db @ 2′ with sound balancing software to keep your highs in tune with your lows. Other software’s coming soon from the app side, with new tech that’ll expand the Rex’s capabilities over time.

boombotix rex ultraportable action sports speaker

It’ll initially come in blue, green, white, purple and black. Like the little Bots, you’ll see plenty of color and graphic combinations in the future. The grill and clip are swappable, so you can mix and match colors.

Even though the campaign is fully funded, you can still get in and nab a Rex for about $80. When they start shipping in March, retail will be $99.


  1. As a person who’s owned two BB1s and one BB2, I welcome this upgrade of the design. The microphone is a genius addition! The one thing I disliked about the product(except for the chronically shorting out auxiliary cable)was the Hot Topic-esque aesthetic, and with this update I’ll have a much easier time convincing my inventory manager to start carrying this much less visually polarizing product.

  2. Topmounter, it couldn’t be any worse than all the hold-a-phone-next-to-my-face-to-listen-to-music people.

    But I wouldn’t know. I ride a bike to work.

    I’d be kind of interested in picking up one of them but somehow, I feel that whatever ridiculous MSRP it’ll be in Canada is still going to be less than $80 + $35 + disgruntled customs officer markup.

    Now we wait.

  3. As far as cycling goes, the real value of this product is for commuting. I’m sure most commuter can relate to one’s commute becoming rather monotonous as the week drags by. I love my Boombot because even though I still mindlessly cruise through my commute I can listen to Morning Edition or a new artist without impeding my ability to hear traffic noises around me.

  4. I like it for everything else except on the trail. You’d have a be a major a-hole to come blaring through the trails with that thing. I use a ear-bud (1) on the road and trail. Doesn’t bother anyone.

  5. I guess we don’t have any “hold-a-phone-next-to-my-face-to-listen-to-music-people” in these parts…. just the “my-earbuds-are-so-loud-my-ears-are-bleeding-while-enjoying-nature-so-i-can’t-hear-you-to-let-you-pass-people”.

  6. There’s nothing I love more than having a ride polluted by some rider’s music. Obviously, the rider must think everyone wants to listen to his or her music.

  7. Thank god none of my riding bros uses anything like that.

    I like to go fast and tear shit up. but I also like the sounds of nature.

  8. I’m a big boombotix fan and use mine for solo rides out on the trails and sometimes in groups. The absolute genius thing about this product is that it has thing called a volume switch…with this cool device I can adjust the volume in group rides so that when we are moving, I’m really the only one that can hear the music. It also has a power switch that I can use when we stop.

  9. I can’t wait to have 10 of these bad boys plastered on my body and bike and grooving on the trails. I’m sure everyone will love my music choice b/c I’m my own DJ.

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