We’ve never seen anyone else land or attempt some of the tricks in this clip. Daniel Sandoval is taking park to the next level and he’s doing it brakeless.

Thanks to Ethan for the tip.




  1. Thank you Mr. Sandoval for wearing a helmet when riding. Always a pet peeve of mine. Also, this is incredible, but everyone already knew that.

  2. Not being a BMX rider, I find it incredible how much a sport like park BMX can continue to evolve, despite there not being any ‘ground-breaking’ equipment innovation. Road, XC, DH, AM, Enduro have all grown and been developed by available technologies, but BMX is truly down to the rider’s single person’s vision. It’s grown to an art form almost.

    I look forward to what the next generation of rider will do- the Ryan Leech, Danny M., Chris Akrigg kind of rider whose style is influenced by both BMX and mountain bikes.

  3. I’m an avid 46 yo MTB rider; my three sons and I have watched Danny MacAskill’s videos more times than I can count. (MTB and CX for all of us, but we do zero trials or BMX riding.)

    Watching Daniel Sandoval (with my youngest) reminds me of the sense of absolute awe and wonder with which we first gawked at Inspired Bicycles. Wow.

    Bikes. Rule.

    PS–Mr. Sandoval: thank you for sharing your gift.

  4. Whoa, I am scared for the future. Remember when flairs were crazy? Tricks now are just nuts and they look so easy for these guys.

  5. I ride, this is impressive but its far from ‘the next level’. i personally have seen most of those tricks done. martinez’s part from we are united is online now, post that and it will really blow some minds

  6. How can you bum on this, bum? Get a better attitude and recognize this is great stuff that you could only dream of. Martinez’s part from we are united is all street riding, mostly grinds. This is completely different as its all park or ramp riding.

  7. Corey Martinez should wear a helmet. So it sinks in.

    Sandoval video is better for that reason alone. It should be illegal to post sponsored videos without helmets.

  8. I remember when Etnies Forward came out, and then we were all saying how this was as good as it gets and how can it ever get better.

    Then 8 years out of the loop and I see this. This is crazy.

    The rate of change in BMX is incredible. Scared/amazed for the future….

  9. Daniel Sandoval is the Nyjah Huston of BMX: A technically proficient wunderkind whose riding lacks soul, and is basically just a rolling brand.

  10. @bc: “Daniel Sandoval is the Nyjah Huston of BMX: A technically proficient wunderkind whose riding lacks soul, and is basically just a rolling brand.”

    Troll much?

  11. This one of those points where you just say “there is no way the bar can be set any higher” but in 2 yrs we’ll be watching an even sicker video.

    Just insane stuff right here. Very smooth too.

  12. sorry for having an opinion. i watch a lot of videos and live in a thriving scene. i’m all for progressive park riding but if you haven’t seen a flair whip on a small quarter in 2012 you should check out a box jump show in north carolina. The tricks are impressive, but little was ‘new’ or ‘next level’. Tossing a late barspin after a trick is as innovative as one handed backflips in motox. Plus LHD and no pegs yet still grinds on his sprocket, brilliant

  13. @ Bum: I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have chops that qualify you to criticize riding of this level. First, I disagree with your premise. I see a lot of soul in his riding. But in a way, you may be right – technical ability is not a substitute for “soul,” but when your technical ability is so far out of this universe, as his is, the soul will come. Soul comes with experience, knowing how to flow from feature to feature and move to move. How old is this guy?

    Most amazed I’ve been since I watched Danny Mac for the first time.

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