Innos Handlebars Integrated Lighting Systems CloseAlternative lighting systems have always captured our attention, like DIY LED bar wrapping and prototype Glowbars. Innos LED provides a new minimal and streamlined system. Completely waterproof, 6 LEDs and a battery pack are housed inside a set of flat bars.

Lighting is quoted as roughly 200 candelas. No angle’s given by Innos for a conversion to lumens, but if we assume that dispersion is at a reasonable 30 degree angle, lighting equates to 42 lumens.  That’s not quite as much light as a few commuter lights we’ve reviewed, but still plenty for safety when the big cannon dies. Lodged inside the bars are 3AA batteries that keep the bars lit for well over 5 hours. No details yet on pricing or availability.

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innos lights built into handlebars bike

innos lights integrated handlebars risers close

innos integrated bar headlights interior batteriesMore images at Innos LED.


  1. That’s about a hundred people’s idea. And not an incredible one, IMO. I feel like a stem faceplate-mounted light would be more clean. Would drilling weaken the bar considerably?

  2. I liked how Audi did it with their e-bike. I do think this setup by Innos should’ve had a few more lights added. You can’t expect these to work as straight up headlights, but in the same nature as “driving lights”.

  3. I don’t think this will be of much help in lighting up your path at 42 lumens. I use a Cree mini light for my bike and it’s rated at 300 lumens.

  4. My 9-y-o nephew wants this bar; don’t think he’ll overstress it. Guess I’ll have to go to the other website to search for the $damage$.

  5. I need LEDs in my handlebar like I need internet connectivity in my TV.

    Both are just a way to leave you with a overpriced and crappy product in 2 years’ time.

  6. “Cool, let me just drill some holes in this high stress area so my little lights can shine through.”

    I mean, there are ways of designing/reinforcing holes properly and analyzing them for stress and fatigue to make sure they don’t cause problems. Although I’d be fine with a sturdy metal light that attached to my handlebars or fork in a way that it couldn’t be pulled off by punks (like several of my plastic lights have) easily.

    BTW, is there some tool needed to get into the battery compartment? Otherwise, those things are gone in about 30 minutes. My metro station is right near a middle school. Those kids are enterprising.

  7. Hmmm… Maybe I have a much shorter commute or something, but it seems like my rechargeable AAA batteries for my Cateye last months before I need to worry about them.

    BTW, try Eneloop rechargeables. They are awesome. Way way better than Energizer and such, particularly if you spend a few bucks on an intelligent charger.

    I actually have a generator hub on my Novara Transport. I should try to wire it up to the batteries to trickle charge them during use. Maybe I would almost never need to recharge then. Unfortunately, the light that came with the gen hub was ripped off by punks within weeks of getting that bike.

  8. @Pmurf – Hope used to make a stem faceplate mount back in the day. It was specifically for their own lights and stems. Not sure that’s in their lineup anymore, though.

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