alexander wang blackened steel chain bike lock

They say fashion hurts. In this case, it may hurt your bike’s finish in the name of good looks.

The Alexander Wang Bike Lock has uncoated blackened steel links mated to a solid brass American Locks keyed lock with faux snake skin finish. Pony up $145 and it’s yours, then give would be bike thieves your best Blue Steel as you lock up your ride.

The lock measures 22″ in length. We’d say it’s for the hipster that has everything, but does such a thing exist?


  1. I don’t mind designer items if they do their jobs well. However, is there any assurance that this lock won’t be defeated in five minutes? Sure as hell doesn’t resemble the kind of chains & locks that are typically urban theft deterrents. Looks more like the kind of setup that is about as good as a tied shoelace if left overnight.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong but there isn’t a bike lock on the planet that can’t be defeated in about 30-60 seconds with a angle grinder. I’d wear that thing for a belt before I’d put it on my bike.

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