Not into DIY? You can pick up a set on Etsy for $33 USD

The gifts that mean the most don’t have to be the most expensive. With that in mind, I headed over to Etsy and Instructables for inspiration. Like a lot of you, I have a few riding buddies on my holiday list and a gaggle of spare parts in the garage.

There’s nothing I have more of than spare tubes I keep meaning to patch one of these rainy days (because yes, I still run tubes sometimes.) The presta valve cuff links pictured above will attract the right kind of attention from someone in the know at your next business meeting.

So head past the break and brainstorm…

Not into DIY? You can pick up a set on Etsy for $40 USD

The possibilities with cuff links are endless. These chain cufflinks look clean and ultra simple.

No matter how many tires I give away, my tire farm is always expanding gradually. Making a few bicycle tire keychains for friends might be one way to slim down that collection.

Nothing finishes a workshop like a proper clock. This is a super easy project which I’ve done in the past with a variety of parts ranging from disc brakes to chain rings. Instructions can be found here.

This particular case is from my personal collection. Sweetie used one of the few Thomson bags that always seems to be floating around and created a mini-tote for my smartphone. The original case was lined with material from a Kali helmet bag but the final version is padded with a purple Crown Royal pouch.

Apparently, there’s a bunch of cyclists with Thomson bags laying around. This company upcycles them into awesome wallets. Unfortunately  they’re all sold out, but there are other companies out there doing similar things.

An inner tube wallet is less likely to pick up dirt than the slightly off-white Thomson option. Instructions here.

Can't Knit? Only $12 USD on Etsy

Are you that special someone who likes knitting on recovery days? Then this Bicycle Lock Sock is the perfect gift for that new commuter bike your friend will be unwrapping Christmas morning.

Never tried working with leather before? You don't have to start now. Only $30 CAD

For that friend that swears that Brooks Saddles are the most comfortable thing ever and doesn’t give two heavy tubes and a set of full coverage fenders about weight, this classic leather U-Haul holder is perfect. Nothing compliments a top tube mounted leather wine/bike polo mallet holster better.

Running out of time to think of something more creative? This pair will set you back $15 USD

Diamonds are a girls best friends but nothing says I love you like up-cycling her spare parts into fashion accessories.  These earrings use old inner tubes to achieve the feather look.

$10 a set

These hair pins are perfect for everyday use.

There’s no better time to get your kid stoked on biking than the present. This Red Baron Bicycle Trailer is bound to help their fledgling love of two wheels take flight. All the instructions are available on Instructables.

Have you created something cool in the past for a friend or loved one? Let us know in the comments or send in a photo and info and maybe we’ll feature it on Bikerumor!



  1. If you are going to put in the time and effort to wearing a cuff linked shirt, at least have nice cuff links. Those bike ones are way cheesy.

  2. This stuff is great and all, it’s easy to take a chain plate and stick it on something and call it jewelry. I make jewelry out of bike detritus and sell it etsy as well, so I don’t have any room to say anything negative about the items posted here. I, however, attempt to do my best to transcend my materials and not be completely representational.
    Check it out:

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