h&m clothing line bike commuter wear brick lane

With help from Brick Lane Bikes in London, H&M clothing has designed and tested eleven pieces of men’s urban cycling gear to add to their clothing line. Though they haven’t officially announced exactly what those eleven pieces will be, expect to see backpacks, shirts, waterproof jackets, and pants.

The entire line is designed around sustainability, incorporating materials like recycled polyester, recycled cotton and organic fabrics. Debut date for the collection is March 7th, 2013 in 180 stores worldwide.

Teaser pics, a video, and a comment box after the break…

h&m clothing line bike commuter wear jacket

h&m clothing line bike commuter wear

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  1. Hold up a moment, Chorme told me urban riding is extreme and I need dark colored clothes that look tough, are spartan on extras, and are meant to make me look and feel like I am a bike messenger when I am riding my bike to my college classes. And now we have this, it doesn’t look tough and utilitarian, it looks like they are out there to have fun in those clothes and get coffee and lock up their townie bikes up in front of the espresso bar and take up all the rack space. Seriously anyone buying this is wasting their money, they should have bought a purpose built artisan fixed gear bike and made them self a real rider.

    Count me out on these clothes, I only wear serious riding clothes for serious riders like myself.

  2. H&M actually have pretty reasonable pricing though the quality and fit (in my experience) is average or sub paar. The idea is good and I assume that the first samples will be fine however based on other ‘designer’ production runs such as with Karl Largerfeld there is the odd chance of a few exception items though generally it is for the masses to catch onto a trend. It will, in this light, probably be fine for ‘the masses’ though for more dedicated (and fashional aware) cyclists, they will be better served smaller niche providers – and even custom tailors.

  3. @venture

    So ‘real’ riding clothes to you is spending an hour gearing up and riding around like a spandex billboard? I dont think being a hipster and and being a real cyclist are mutually exclusive. Surely you can be fashionable AND a serious rider who knows when to and when not to take it so seriously.

  4. Brilliant, now they should look in to that dentistry thing thats all the rage these days… Oh sh*t they have velcro technology!

  5. such a bunch of whiney elitists. Do you wear your spandex to church on Sunday’s as well?

    I think its great a huge clothes company like H&M is taking to supporting cycling. How in any way is this bad? Its great for high school and college kids that ride their bikes often but want to remain somewhat fashionable. The clothes in the above pics are hardly hipster ~ more like your average looking clothes you can wear around town.

    the Bikerumor crowd is quickly becoming hipsters about anything non-performance.

  6. I have to agree with Black Kettle. Seems anytime a clothing manufacturer tries to come out with something cycling related, the entire Bikerumor community loses their shit. A bike is a bike, guys. And anyone that rides a bike is a friend of mine. Fixed, Single, Mountain, Road, etc. Instead of hating everyone, why don’t we reach out to our fellow cycling compadres and try to get the more into it? The vast majority of “hipsters” we have here in Detroit are just relatively fashionable kids looking for something ti call their own. Why not let them into our club?

    I don’t know, guys. Seems like some of you are a little too jaded for your own good.

  7. I at least wanna SEE them – I usually make my own make-shift bike gear, my most comfy pants are these weird stretchy old man pants from the 50’s that I cut off just above the knee. That being said, I look like a thrift shop whore. I’d dig on something cheap and cool looking 🙂 BUT – I have to say I would worry about the 1) quality and 2) sweatshop labor

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