2013 Ritchey Monolink Vector Evo bike saddle prototype spy shot

Ritchey showed off several new products at Taichung Bike Week, the traditionally industry-only show where OEM buyers see what’s coming two or three years down the road.

For Ritchey, Bicycle Retailer & Industry News (thanks for sharing, Nicole!) is reporting those products include the Vector Evo (above) and other Monolink saddles for 2014. Which means you should start seeing these pop up next Fall. For wheels, they’re saying Ritchey’s going to offer Road Tubeless wheels and more 650B options, including rims, tires and a complete Trail group wheel. Those will join the new 650B steel hardtail and XC wheels and the recently introduced Trail components.

UPDATE: We thought this looked a bit different than Selle Italia’s Monolink saddles, and now we’ve got confirmation from Ritchey. The single rail is indeed their own design, and they’re promising some pretty big new product announcements throughout 2013.


  1. Is there a engineering reason for a mono-link? A benefit? Looks crazy stiff. Good? bad? I dunno. Shes got to give a little, no?

  2. If it is the Selle Italia Monolink ‘standard’ than great, more choices.

    I got real tired of traditional seat clamps wearing holes in my thighs and shorts. It is impossible to find anything but cut-out saddle designs.

  3. Ritchey needs to get his head outta his AZN on this one. Mono link saddles are a joke. They won’t make it. If Ritchey were smart the trend he needs to chase is 650b bikes that have thru-axle rear dropouts.

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