Quella Fixie Front the One

Providing the end of the world Mayan plot falls through, early next year we’ll have another brand of fixies to gander at the bike racks. Quella is shipping out their first series titled “One”, on January 3rd. A similar build to US based Pure Fix, they get a 4130 Cro-Mo frame with 50mm deep v wheels,  pursuit bullhorn bars, and a street-centric 46×16 ratio. Pricing varies from 350-400 GBP depending on model (roughly $560 – $640).

Glam pics and multicolours after the break…

Quella Fixed Gear Main Drive Side
Don't bother mentioning it..the saddle is one twist of the ol' allen key from ergonomic perfection.

Quell Fixie Bullhorns Brake

Quella Fixed Gear Track Dropouts

Quella Fixie ChainringQuella Fixie Black Red One

Quella Fixie Pink White One

Color schemes are gold, black, pink, green, silver, yellow, and blue with a choice of white or black rims. Sizes available are 52, 55, and 59cm.



  1. Bob check the site, nice branding, think these are the pure product images.

    I really like it, nice and clean, looks lik quality engineering too.

  2. Its exactly the same Taiwanese frame as the Cooper T100 from another small British bike company. A cinch to tension the chain but mine’s getting a bit creaky after 3 or so years. Nice and fast though.
    I think the Cooper with its FSA, Brooks and Sturmey Archer componentry gives it a little more ‘flavour’ for a little more than this Quella.

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