Charge Custom Saddle BuilderJust in time for fun holiday shopping, Charge released a custom saddle builder program over at their website. Building off the template of the Spoon saddle, a surprisingly comfy saddle equipped standard on the Charge Mixer we reviewed, they let you go full custom. Working top to bottom, you can pick between leather or synthetic covers, custom stitching, custom base and bumpers, and either steel or ti rails. Pricing starts at £69.99 (about 112 bucks). For the luxury leather + ti rails option add £50 onto that. Estimated wait time for a saddle is 30 days after the order is placed.


  1. Just in time for holiday shopping, but their lead-time means ordering one right now and it’ll be Jan. 3 before you get it, assuming the 30-day lead includes accommodations for holiday closings…

    Cool to get to make it your own though – kind of like Fizik’s program.

  2. Those are off tthe shelf saddles from velo with premium textiles- nothing special at all- I dont get it unless this is for the guy who still thinks Vans custom slip-ons are cool

    Charge should sell a hipster pack complete with custom skinny jeans, droopy custom colored beanies and a matching scarf

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